Not only in the curriculum vitae makes it a good time to take a leadership position. Senior Employees usually earn better than colleagues without personal responsibility. In a Federal state the annual gross income is particularly high, found out the comparison portal in a recent analysis.

More than 100,000 euros executives in the state of Hesse earn, followed by the colleagues in Bavaria with just 98.000 euros per year. On the third rank of senior Employees from Baden-Württemberg, with a salary of almost 96,000 euros per year.

In the state of Hesse is particularly a leadership position in the chemical, plastic and pharmaceutical industries as lucrative, in the South of Germany, in the automobile industry. But even those who is for a financial service provider, an IT system in-house or in the field of insurance personnel, the responsibility, and rewarded.

The new länder are far

With a salary of more than 127.000 Euro suspended managers with the Bavarian IT-system houses the highest annual salary. In Baden-Württemberg financial services are on the first place in the cross-sector comparison: Here managers earn well 108.000 Euro.

the lowest salaries for executives in the new länder. On the last place behind, of Mecklenburg, is situated relatively far-Western Pomerania, where Department managers earn just under 74,000 Euro per year. Prior to that, the Federal States of Saxony with an annual gross income of just under 79,000 euros, and Brandenburg with around 79.500 Euro.