Top doctor post Corona-Video – Zürcher Unispital distancing itself


All round impact of a physician – senior physician post Corona-Video – Zürcher Unispital distant atthis Video of a Zurich high doctor causes a stir. While he receives in social media popularity, the Zurich Unispital little excited. red3 Kommentare3Die statements of the physician are controversial.Video: Youtube

Almost eleven minutes, the Video of Zurich, the head doctor, which is currently circulating in the social media will take. In it, Marc Schäufele, in the works since December, at the University hospital of Zurich, expresses itself, to the Coronavirus.

While he emphasizes in the beginning that you had to take the topic quite seriously, and he could already be observed in patients of severe courses of the disease, which ended fatally, doubts he minutes later to the measures taken by the authorities and considers that this is an exaggeration and “scare tactics”. He calls, therefore, on a “reasonable and scientific dealing” with the Situation and wants to educate the people “”.

As he says, lie him on several points, particularly on the heart. He says that for the vast majority of people have no significantly increased risk to die of this disease. He also believes that an extensive insulation to prevent a width of immunization. In addition, would die, according to the pork shoulder currently people, due to lack of medical care in other areas.

“Thank you for so much reason”

In the social media, the doctor receives a lot of encouragement. “Thank you for so much reason,” writes a User on Youtube. And another says: “Bravo. Brave Man.”

And the Zurich Unispital? Showing little enthusiasm, as the “sight”. “The Video and the statements of Dr. Marc Schäufele give only his personal opinion and do not represent the University hospital of Zurich,” said in a written reply. Whether the Entire consequences for pork shoulder will have not commented on the Zurich Unispital.

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