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Each week, the candidates of Top Chef compete in increasingly difficult tests so that the best of them is named big winner of the competition. Over the years, the show has brought many talents to stardom and shined a light on how they work with products.

After their appearance on television, many of them opened their own restaurants to practice their cooking as they see fit. Among them, several have been rewarded by the famous Michelin Guide which, for 120 years, has celebrated gastronomic talents.

For this year 2023, the committee met on Monday March 6 to unveil the new winners of this edition. Four former Top Chef candidates received a star for the first time during this ceremony.

If this one generally makes a lot of people happy, for some restaurateurs, it is disappointment that is in order. This is particularly the case for Michel Sarran, the former juror of the M6 ​​program, who saw his restaurant in Toulouse downgrade one star, from two to one.

“I wasn’t expecting it at all. I was pretty calm this year, insofar as you can be in this business. The restaurant reservations are complete two months in advance, the returns from our customers are very positive… (…) It was a massive blow,” he told La Dépêche.

“I felt anger mixed with incomprehension. It’s as if a film was decried by critics and sold out. I’m not saying that there weren’t mistakes from our We make mistakes, otherwise the Michelin Guide wouldn’t have downgraded us,” explained the chef.

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