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She is the last candidate to have joined the very closed clan of Top Chef winners. In 2022, Louise Bourrat competed against Arnaud Delvenne in the season 13 finale. A lucky number for Hélène Darroze’s protege (who had to honor a bet) since she won the competition with a score of 56.19%, a prize pool of 56,190 euros.

After her victory, the French chef based in Lisbon in Portugal gained notoriety among her customers. The latter jostled to come and taste his dishes in his restaurant Boubou’s. “It even happens that some people wait one to two hours in front of the restaurant to see me before the service!”, she exclaimed to Cuisine Actuelle.

On the strength of her popularity, chef Louise Bourrat has developed her activities by opening her second establishment. A new address dedicated to street-food located in the Portuguese capital. “The Sandwich Club opens its doors this Tuesday, April 18 from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Our delicious juicy sandwiches are waiting for you at R. Monte Olivete 71, Príncipe Real, so mark your calendars,” she proudly announced on her Instagram page.

The opportunity for the restaurateur to discover her specialties while having an eco-responsible approach. “Street food will never be 100% sustainable cuisine, but it is important and necessary to respond to this offer,” she told our colleagues. Among its actions: the use of less polluting packaging and the recycling of bottles with customers. Yum burgers and hot dogs!

In the season 12 finale, Mohamed Cheikh faced Sarah Mainguy in the restaurant of the George V hotel in Paris. At the end of the event, Mohamed was able to impose himself, winning a check for €54,860.

Following his victory, the chef from Fontenay-sous-Bois in the Val-de-Marne went solo. Indeed, for the summer of 2021, he had opened an ephemeral restaurant which had been very successful. The bar was high since it was the Bertrand group that had developed the project focused on the flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, as reported by Le Bonbon.

Besides pop-up restaurants, the chef has also focused on other projects. Indeed, in March 2022, his book Ma Cuisine Méditerranéenne was released. “In this book, I deliver part of my philosophy and especially most of the recipes that I want to share with you.”, he confided to our colleagues from the Journal des Femmes. The book compiles around fifty dishes, from appetizers to desserts and cocktails.

In summer 2022, the chef is back with a new pop-up restaurant, Babor, on the Seine. Mohamed Cheikh offers a menu with Mediterranean notes while you can observe the beauty of the monuments of Paris aboard Le Diamant Bleu. If you are tempted by the experience, there is still time to embark on a unique experience, both tastefully and visually.

In 2020, David Gallienne won the culinary competition and won a check for 56,410 euros, against his formidable opponent Adrien Cachot on M6. A victory that caused a stir, following the controversial remarks of some detractors.

This had not prevented the owner of the Jardin des Plumes from savoring his victory. “At the time, there is a cry of joy since there are a lot of memories that come to the surface. Top Chef is an emotional lift, there is so much happening in such a short time that it’s enough incredible. And it is especially the next day that we realize what has just happened to us”, explained to us the protege of Hélène Darroze by telephone last June.

After his coronation, David Gallienne wasted no time in devoting himself to his Michelin-starred restaurant. But the global pandemic forced the father of the family to revise his plans. He notably cooked for caregivers mobilized in hospitals, and opened his YouTube channel where he offered his subscribers recipes to prepare at home.

Also on social networks, David Gallienne also organized live cooking sessions with several personalities during confinement. Before making an appearance alongside Philippe Etchebest in the last season of the Objectif Top Chef competition last December on M6, and the release of his “signature” cookbook with 80 recipes in 2021.

In 2019, Samuel Albert – protected by Michel Sarran, then Philippe Etchebest – won the competition and won a check for 53,080 euros (which is equivalent to the percentage of votes obtained). Faced with his opponent Guillaume Pape, the young cook won over the four sworn chefs and the 100 volunteers from the French Red Cross with a daring sweet and savory menu.

Since his victory, this former chef at the Belgian Embassy in Japan has left the country of the Rising Sun to return to France. More precisely near Angers where he chose to open his first restaurant with his childhood friend. In November 2019, chef Samuel Albert inaugurated his establishment Les Petits Prés, in tribute to the house of his grandparents. “It is a very beautiful adventure that is starting and I am happy to share it with my best friend”, he explained to Figaro. Even before the opening, the chef recorded more than 1,000 reservations in 48 hours.

A cuisine inspired by his many travels around the world. “I have thus distilled into the dishes a little bit of all the influences of the countries I have visited. For example, I use a miso sauce and another American or Chinese pepper from Sechuan”. A rich, varied and elaborate menu with local products that delight the taste buds of its customers. On the price side, the 31-year-old cook offers a menu at 26 euros for lunch, but also a dinner – à la carte – for an average addition of 50 euros.

Winner of the ninth edition, the jovial Camille Delcroix gleaned the title of Top Chef and pocketed a check for 66,920 euros. After his coronation, the mustachioed young colt of Philippe Etchebest continued to follow the famous starred chef in the Objective Top Chef adventure on M6.

In parallel with this media coverage, this son of butchers from the North continued his culinary activities. He is still behind the stoves of the Michelin-starred restaurant Le Château de Beaulieu, serving as second in the kitchen. “I don’t skip stages, I take my time well because I still want to learn,” he confided to the Huffington Post, hoping one day to become the best worker in France.

When Camille Delcroix is ​​not busy in the kitchen, he pampers alongside his companion since they are parents of a little Rose born in July 2019. Finally, he has also published a cookbook entitled La popote du Nord: la kitchen ch’ti.

He never let go of his competition beret. And it brought him luck since Jérémie Izarn won the first edition of the “Clash of the brigades” on M6. Led first by Philippe Etchebest, then Michel Sarran in the competition, the young candidate is distinguished by his fine technique and his love of the land. This will allow him to earn 55,150 euros at the end of the final.

A sum that he has been able to grow since Jérémie Izarn is currently the proud owner of La Tour des sens in Tencin, near Grenoble. A cuisine in the image of the chef, namely “greedy by nature”, as indicated on his website. In January 2019, the chef even obtained a Michelin plate and a Gault toque

In 2016, the favorite Xavier Pincemin won the final of the seventh edition against Coline Faulquier. A very tight match from which he emerged victorious, cashing a check worth 52,500 euros. A nice kitty with which he was able to realize his projects.

After having demonstrated his talents as a chef in the establishment of the legendary Gordon Ramsay (the Trianon Palace, in Versailles), Xavier Pincemin is chef of the Speakeasy in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. A piano bar-restaurant located near the Arc de Triomphe, frequented by a trendy clientele. Nearly four years after his victory in Top Chef, he returned to Versailles where he opened his own establishment simply titled Le Pincemin.

The chef can also boast of rubbing shoulders with the world of show biz since he has made numerous appearances on the Planet Rap show on Skyrock (alongside Booba, Joey Starr or even atypical artists such as Philippe Katherine and Bilal Hassani).

He is the youngest champion in the history of Top Chef at only 19 years old. First winner of the first season of the spin-off Objectif Top Chef, Xavier Koenig proved to be among the best in his promotion in 2015, thus winning the victory and a tidy sum of 62,230 euros.

After the end of the competition, the gifted young apprentice left the Auberge Saint-Laurent, the establishment in which he worked in Alsace. And since 2016, Xavier Koenig has been working as a chef at the restaurant Les Terrasses, in the Domaine du Lac in Guebwiller. He recently married his wife Fiona in August 2019.

A winning return for Pierre Augé. Finalist in the first edition of Top Chef in 2010, the unfortunate candidate took this second chance with former participants by joining season 5 of the competition. A nice twist of fate for the thirty-year-old chef who won the show and a check for 62,480 euros.

Since his victory, Pierre Augé has owned the restaurant La Maison de Petit Pierre in Béziers. A bistronomic establishment where he also officiates as chef with his wife. A great association behind the stoves which earned the ex-candidate a Michelin plate and two Gault toques

In 2013, Naoëlle d’Hainaut won the fourth season of the M6 ​​culinary competition. And despite a contested victory over her opponent Yoni Saada during the show (and the case of the stolen shrimp heads), the former Bristol-trained sous-chef was later home chef for the website vente

In May 2017, the former winner opened their establishment in Pontoise in the Paris region with her sommelier husband. A restaurant called “L’Or Q’idée”, a subtle play on words inspired by the young woman’s favorite flower, namely the orchid. A lucky plant for Naoëlle d’Hainaut since she obtained a plate in the Michelin guide, two Gault toques

He is undoubtedly the most famous chef in the M6 ​​competition. Revealed in 2012, Jean Imbert was crowned big winner, winning the tidy sum of 100,000 euros (before the change of votes the following year).

Shortly after his victory, the talented chef returned to the screens with his acolyte Norbert Tarayre (semi-finalist of season 3) in the program Norbert et Jean, the challenge. He also won the final of Top Chef, the shock of the titans against his successor Naoëlle d’Hainaut in 2013.

On the kitchen and business side, Jean Imbert is a big name in gastronomy. The former resident of the Paul Bocuse Institute has opened many renowned establishments such as L’Acajou, Les Bols de Jean (with Éric Kayser), the New York restaurant Encore and recently Mamie, in collaboration with his loving grandmother who he presents us on his social networks.

But the famous cook knows an international influence: this follower of “healthy and organic eating” is also the chef of the restaurant Swan and Bar Bevy whose owner is none other than the American star Pharrell Williams. This does not prevent Jean Imbert from attracting other stars to his kitchens such as Kylian Mbappé, Madonna and pop star Dua Lipa. This year, the chef also opened an establishment on the Croisette during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

First woman crowned in the history of Top Chef, Stéphanie Le Quellec won the second season and the 100,000 euros promised to the winner in 2011. Previously trained at George V, the brilliant chef was able to make her dream come true after her victory over M6.

In 2013, Stéphanie Le Quellec opened the doors of her own restaurant, La Scène à Paris in the prestigious Parisian hotel Le Prince de Galles. She managed to make a name for herself in the world of gastronomy since the famous chef obtained her first star in the Michelin Guide the following year.

After a brief TV stint on M6 in 2017, she won a second star in the prestigious culinary guide in January 2019. Two months later, she left the establishment of the Parisian hotel before opening her new restaurant – also called La Scène – located on avenue Matignon. An incredible course distinguished by two stars awarded by the Michelin Guide.

He will forever remain the first winner of the Top Chef competition. In 2010, Romain Tischenko won the first season and won 100,000 euros. A nice amount of money which later enabled him to open Le Galopin, a Parisian bistro in the 10th arrondissement founded with his brother Maxime.

A restaurant that will earn him a Michelin Plate and two Gault toques