If you people are thinking about your health, then don’t forget to think about lungs health? It’s easy to keep lungs healthy and strong. Healthy lungs are essential for overall health, and it improves lung health that promotes lung function that keeps you staying active and improves overall life quality. Here in this blog, we are going to share some essential tips to enhance lung health. Take a look

Breathe in Fresh Air

Fresh air makes your lungs healthy, so whenever you have time, take it out for yourself and breathe in the fresh air. Outdoor air quality is typically much better than indoor air quality and is healthy for the lungs. Make sure you spend more time outdoors and reduce exposure to indoor air pollutants, but don’t forget to protect your skin from UV radiation that causes suntan or sunburn.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

You people can spend more time outdoors but always pay close attention to improve the indoor air quality. Keep your home clean and vacuum, dust and replace air filters in the home regularly. Always replace indoor air filters every 60-90 days—people who have indoor pets need to do this weekly.

Keep yourself Hydrated

It’s essential to keep yourself hydrated for overall health. Water promotes proper lung function and drinking water helps to produce mucus in the lungs. It makes it easier to breathe—one of the practical things for people who have been suffering from lung disease.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking causes lung cancer and preventable death. Make sure you people have quit smoking and keep the lungs healthy, decreasing the risk of chronic lung diseases. It’s not too late to quit this. Smoke is highly toxic and causes obstructive pulmonary disease. Similarly, alcohol is not friendly to your lungs, and if any of your loved ones are in alcohol or drug addiction, they should be guided and don’t forget to guide your colleagues on addiction. It’s a matter of lungs and overall health.

Do Proper Exercise and Stay Active

It would help if you people exercised to keep your muscles strong and healthy. Your lungs indeed need stimulation, and regular physical activities won’t put your lungs in danger. Choose a physical activity and easiest exercise to get your heart rate up that makes you breathe deeper. Physical exercise strengthens your lungs and increases your lung capacity as well as cleans your lungs.

Follow Breathing Exercises

Physical activity such as breathing exercise strengthens your lungs and improves lung function. It increases lung capacity and helps to clean the lungs airways. It’s pretty simple to perform breathing exercises at the work desk. You can try these exercises techniques wherever you want.

Eat a Low-Fat Diet

Consumption of a low-fat diet with plenty of water and veggies such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, kales and fruits such as apples, oranges and grapefruit improve lung health. Whatever you people eat, recommended by nutritionists or doctors because they know about your medical history.

Purify the Air by Plants At Home

Keep houseplants such as spider plants, bamboo palms, aloe vera and other natural air purifiers for indoor pollutants and toxins. Keep two of these plants per 100 square feet.

Avoid Respiratory Illness

Do you know cold or respiratory illness affects lung health? It can lead you to serious complications. Always make your habit of washing hands with soap and water. Don’t touch your face with unwashed hands. Stay home in case of prolonged illness to protect others. Respiratory illnesses such as flu viruses must be treated with vaccines.

Know the Warning Signs

Everyone should know the warning signs of lung health because coughing, wheezing, or breathing problems severely impact the chest. Coughing up phlegm or blood is not a good symptom, so consult with a doctor and know how this should be treated.

Take Certain Vitamins

Vitamins are good for health, and vitamin D should be added to the daily routine. Majority of people show improvement with exercise and respiratory muscle strength. Vitamin D helps to reduce inflammation, and most people have seen the reduction of severity in all symptoms that flare up suddenly with the continued use of vitamin D.

What Breathing Exercises Should be followed?

There are so many breathing exercises effective for the lungs and help you treat shortness of breath that cause numerous challenges.

Rib Stretching

Stand upright and exhale the air from the lungs. Slowly breathe in and expand lungs to the maximum. Hold the air for about 20 seconds and place both hands on hips with thumbs touching the small of your back. Exhale the air slowly and relax. Repeat this exercise three times at least.

Pushing Out

With an upright posture and feet flat on the ground, keep your knees relaxed and bend over your waist. Push the air out of the lung and then slowly get back to an upright position. Inhale slowly and allow lungs to fill the air as much as possible. Hold the breath for 20 seconds or choose a timing that you can manage. Lift your arms overhead while counting, and then lower your arms as you exhale slowly. Complete this cycle at least four times.

Abdominal Breathing

Lay in a comfortable position on the back and rest one hand on top of the abdomen. Breathe deeply and slowly from the midsection. Hand on the stomach will rise higher than the one on the chest. Exhale slowly from the mouth and inhale slowly from the nose. Hold your breath for seven seconds at least. While exhaling, breathe out for eight seconds.

These are a few tips to improve lung health, and some of these exercises are mentioned to make lungs healthy and strong. Talk to your doctor, and they would recommend you on how to increase lung capacity. It increases lung capacity, cellular therapy that can promote healing within the lungs. Just get started with an easy breathing journey. Let me add one thing: people who have chronic lung disease and pulmonary fibrosis need to consult lung specialists.