Max Announces the End of ‘Tokyo Vice’ After Two Seasons

The crime drama series “Tokyo Vice” has officially been canceled by Max after airing for two seasons. The decision to end the show was confirmed during a panel discussion at the PGA’s Produced By conference in Los Angeles. Max original programming chief Sarah Aubrey, along with creator J.T. Rogers and director Alan Poul, discussed the elaborate production of the series, much of which was filmed on the streets of Tokyo.

The cancellation of “Tokyo Vice” after Season 2 was described as a planned storytelling arc to allow the writers to reach a clear conclusion. Rogers and Poul expressed their gratitude to Max for the opportunity to tell their story and hoped to produce more episodes in the future. The show’s second season, consisting of 10 episodes, concluded in early April and received critical acclaim.

Despite the end of its active run on Max, the creators of “Tokyo Vice” remain hopeful for the future of the series and appreciate the support they have received from fans and partners. The show, starring Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe, was praised for its writing, visuals, and performances, with critics calling it a must-watch. Rogers hinted at a potential storyline for a third season and expressed his enthusiasm for continuing the journey of the main characters.