Together against driving bans: A master plan for reducing nitrogen oxide


    The cities of Frankfurt and Offenbach have jointly prepared a master plan for the reduction of nitrogen oxide emissions. He shall ensure that emissions of nitrogen oxides by the end of the year 2020 is significantly reduced and driving bans are to be avoided.

    Joe rubbed seeds

    editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

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    it is Thought, for example, a technical upgrade of more traffic lights along the Bus-, tram – or light rail lines provide public transport priority. A travel ban for the load is considered the car, but only in Offenbach. For almost all of the projects the two municipalities hope to gain financial support from the Federal government.

    a shift of traffic to public transport

    belongs To the set out in the Plan ideas for a better traffic management better traffic light control with the goal of reducing the Stop-and-go traffic, with its high pollutant emissions and to improve the flow of car traffic. In addition, the attractiveness is to be increased by buses and trains. Frankfurt and Offenbach, expect a certain shift of transport from car to public transport and thus a reduction in pollutant emissions.

    Frankfurt wants to install by the end of 2019 at every stop, where more than a line wrong, modern information panels, which display in real time when the next Bus or the next train comes. In addition, the transport companies want to use a new System for the motion planning, the approximately 600,000 euros in costs and in the summer of 2020 ready to use. The aim is to improve the flow of data in order to ensure greater punctuality, to give the passengers more accurate information about the current traffic situation.

    Video slot for 3.2 million Euro

    Moreover, Frankfurt wants to buy until the end of 2020, more than 200 Video slot for 3.2 million euros. It is interactive ticket machines, where passengers can continue via Video-phone with a Call Center. There, trained staff to help in case of any problems and complaints.

    In addition, Frankfurt is planning the optimization of 25 to 30 traffic light installations by the end of this year, to give buses and trams right of way. The city hopes that this will be relative to the car transport more competitive. Further, the purchase of 1000 Tablets for the driving personnel of the transport company of Frankfurt until the end of 2020, is provided in the master plan. The Computer will enable a better communication between the drivers, the operational planners, the workshops and the passengers. The acquisition cost of 1.5 million euros.