Abby Sunderland was a very emotional Moment: eight years after she had to be rescued from a heavy storm from their capsized sailing Eyes yacht “Wild”, is the boat of the American and now to the South of Australia, belonging to kangaroo island have been sighted. “This brings back memories – good and not so good,” said the 25-Year-old to the news Agency AP. You think you now with shells and algae coated boat, however, is “a little creepy”. “But after all this time, that was to be expected,” said Sunderland.

in 2010 was launched the then-16-year-old Sunderland to sail as the youngest person alone to the world. But the teenager was caught after a few weeks in the middle of the Indian ocean in a storm; the Mast of her Yacht broke in and Sunderland had to be rescued by a French fishing boat.

As you have now learn, from inspection of your Yacht, you have exposed your heart for a beat, said Sunderland. Of their hope that the boat can be salvaged, but probably nothing. A police spokesman said that the “Wild Eyes” is now gone again and may be dropped.


in 2010, have been criticised Sunderland’s parents after the dramatic rescue strong for their daughter during the dangerous winter time cross the Indian ocean. Sunderland took their parents at the time: “you have helped me to fulfill my dream. Giant waves can occur at any place and for sailors of any age.“ She had been supported on their journey day by experienced meteorologists and have just been unlucky and lucky at the same time.