This seems to be the epitome of cynicism: fraudsters who used false advertising to social media to bring people to the light, appear to be victims again to contact them a second time, the money, to cheat, “in order for the damage to repair it by making new investments”. The federal police force warned on Wednesday that a new type of scam, and it requires the victims to be sure not to go there.

False advertising with the well-known faces were there this past summer, is a real scourge on social media. “George has just had a bombshell dropped that the Belgians are rich and the banks are furious, too! ‘ it read, above a photo of Gert Verhulst in relation to a series of expensive cars. A photo of Marc Coucke – and in the background of a red Ferrari – was it the Belgian citizens to earn four to five times their monthly salary for this. A wide range of companies, from Bart The Truth about Lesley-Ann Poppe, Dina Tersago, Natalia, Evi Hanssen and Eddy Planckaert, Philippe Geubels, was used to get people information — or the money to make it.

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The federal police, to warn for a new variant of this kind of scam victims turn out will be re-contacted, both by telephone and by e-mail. There is a proposal to include “the harm suffered and to fix it by making new investments”. The police department points out that it’s going to be a new type of fraud, and is completely false. “We encourage the victims to click here to go the additional declaration is to be doing what it sounds like.

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