After akkerbouwer, Gerard (43) the last week of his five favorite ladies had to choose from the Farmer seeks wife. is on tonight it’s the turn of Etienne, his wife, Stephen and Victor. They meet up with their letter writers and authors, and help them learn better during a speed date. The lucky person who click on it, should be back at the groepsdate.

If there is then it would be one of these in a pack of huskygids, Marianne (age 40), the Dutch Ryan. He has been on the lookout for a woman who has a passion for dogs to share, but that such a partner will find you soon. Doubt it did, Ryan, so for a second when he heard the sound of the Mariannes ‘ participation in the Farmer seeks wife. Even a trip to the Region, he takes it without complaining.

Also, when the male farmers are going to be some interested women to make a lasting impression. Other countries, for example, ” hope Etienne (55) of palm trees with a mojito’s. That might have been written by a suikerrietboer, of course. And as for the extra shot of rum is not in the Sabines quickly, then the eco-straw, which she carried over to Etienne’s. He has, in addition to its sugar cane plantation, after all, is also a biological vegetable garden, – and, therefore, is a boon for the environment.

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the TV, 20: 35 hours.

More about the Farmer seeks Wife already has a favorite in ‘Farmer seeks. woman: mark, the Flanders Chart. “As Marianne in me, I leave my job immediately, come to Jan, and She will give tips and advice to new farmers in ‘Farmer seeks Wife’: “speed-date is not an interrogation or a job interview,” A jack of all loves, and the most entertaining family park in the home, and his wife, who is a viking to do: they search for the real in ‘Farmer seeks wife’ She from the ‘Farmer seeks woman’ is you, cowboy, Jan, the good life, “I’m 10 pounds is added,”