Because his fatigue is increasing and he “can no longer pretend,” comedian Sam Breton announced Thursday that he is canceling the last three months of the tour for his first solo show.

“Sometimes in life you have to know how to walk away,” wrote Sam Breton on his website and on social networks. It is with the motton in my throat that I have to suddenly end this tour following the recommendations of health professionals. » “Taking a few months of rest is necessary to allow me to regain all my energy,” he adds.

The last 29 performances of his show Au pic pis à pelle are therefore canceled. Ticket holders, he wrote, will be contacted by the performance venues for a refund.

The 34-year-old comedian launched this first solo show in January 2020, a few months before the COVID-19 pandemic decree. “Despite the cancellations, the shows moved and the performances in front of a restricted audience to respect health standards – and so on – I continued to believe in my show and hope to experience a “normal” tour, he writes. In 2020, Sam Breton won the comedy show of the year award at the ADISQ Gala, and the following year, the Les Olivier Gala crowned him with the Comedian of the Year award.

“Despite the advice from those around me on the continuity of the post-pandemic show which was not easy, I persisted by always adding a few show dates, a few more months, in order to extend the tour despite the ups and downs. low since 2020”, continues the comedian, who had “so much pleasure” in practicing his profession.

He says he ignored the signs of fatigue “for as long” as he could, hoping “to have the energy needed by treating the symptoms to complete this tour” that he “self-imposed.” Sam Breton says he is disappointed to end his tour, but proud of the 556 performances he has given.

“Deciding to choose yourself will always be the best decision,” he concludes.