Timeout with Joel Girrbach – A Golf Pro on the rails instead of Birdies to play, learns to be produced, the Thurgau, in the factory of his father, such as packaging for disinfectants. René Stauffer1 Kommentar1Das have to Wait long for the next mission: Joel Girrbach at the European Masters in Crans 2019: Alexandra Wey (Keystone)

“from a sporting perspective, this is a lost year. I have time for that in other things too.” Joel Girrbach sitting on the terrace of the GC Lipperswil, and drink juice a Apple. He had planned to give after the disappointing season in 2019, this year again full throttle and the end of the year to be settled. “Now stop forcing delayed by a year,” says the 26-year-old Thurgau.

The Alternative, to the business of his now 68-year-old father, Gerald, to enter the in Kreuzlingen packaging manufactures. “The question is, if I can,” says the trained as an insurance salesman. “It would be a great burden and responsibility, with 93 employees and their families.”

to do because of the Corona-crisis currently in demand disinfectant in such a way, there just now there is a lot of. One Sunday morning he was stood at the machine that produced such bottles. As a taster of the pen, so to speak. “I take the opportunity and try to see as much as possible of the company,” says the winner of the Swiss Challenge in 2017.

“remains A Golf career my Plan A, the business of the father’s Plan B.”

Joel Girrbach

Its proximity to the business world, Joel Girrbach also helps due to the forced break. At the start of his Golf career, he founded a AG (GJJ Albatros), the Financial about the process – sponsors, social benefits, etc. This allowed him to apply for short-time working, whereby he receives in the tournament-free time on a monthly basis a little over 3000 Swiss francs. Swiss Golf he got like all the players of the professional team, also 5000 francs in emergency aid.

On the other hand, has decided not Girrbach to claim the sponsorship revenue for the tournament lots of time and its partners, this time in 2021 to be credited. “I think it’s only fair, because I had cost in this time, not a journey.” As the Corona crisis broke out, he was in South Africa in the training camp, but was able to fly in time in Switzerland.

“A Golf career remains to be my Plan A, the business of the father’s Plan B,” says Girrbach. He missed the competitions in front of spectators. The chat rounds do nothing to change, on which he gambles with some of his professional colleagues such as Benjamin Rusch, Luca Galliano or Mathias Eggenberger also be a few francs. In spite of the increasing loosening he believes that he can play this year, many international tournaments. Of the European Tour-managers, the message came up that the player can descend this year, in the hierarchy, neither – nor.

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