The Brexit threatens finally to Chaos drift. 29. March should leave the UK according to the current timetable, the European Union. Ten weeks before the date is completely uncertain, as the Brexit. The British house of Commons has thrown on Tuesday evening, an overwhelming majority of the plans. One and a half years, the EU Commission and the government in London to the 600-page exit agreement wrestled, which is now in Parliament failed. It should be, thanks to a transitional period until the end of 2020, for an orderly separation. After the clear Veto of the deputies of the divorce agreement, in its current Form is virtually worthless.

Marcus Theurer

economic correspondent based in London.

F. A. Z.

If London and Brussels, direct now quickly, controls Europe in a disorderly Brexit. So far it may not come. The political and economic risks would be too great – especially for the UK, but also for the EU. Europe’s politicians say that the preparations for the especially of the economy, the dreaded No-Deal-Brexit would be accelerated. But these are calming pills. The time, in all likelihood, neither the British nor the 27 EU would be prepared States, only halfway for an abrupt exit in March. Accordingly, the damage would be.

Therefore, an Alternative to the No-Deal must be found-Brexit, which is both for the London house as well as acceptable to the EU. However, it is an illusion that this could succeed within a few weeks. Therefore, the previously targeted Brexit-appointment is no longer tenable. He should be moved, either by an extension of the two year exit period, or by the EU gives the British a transitional period, even without a ratified divorce agreement.