Tim Suton: The intrepid ice hockey-Joker of the German


    Tim Suton was the last. The watch was tight on midnight, and his teammates stood long under the shower, because the Team Youngster in the drafty belly of the köln arena was still doing Interviews. The Sofa at home in the world Cup semi-final: Suton, he indicated with his cheeky appearance against the European Champions Spain could be the Final weekend for the German super Joker.

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    “In the team is such a super mood, because it would be easy for anyone to blend in,” said Suton, knowing that he had calculated delivered on the big stage home world Cup just his best game. His intrepid and spirited performance and four goals from the backcourt are not liked only for the coach.

    Since you have to pull, of course, the hat off”, said captain Uwe Gensheimer: “I think it’s nice that it would work a little bit, that the guys from the Couch of the team encounter and then as a super power.” Sutons tournament-Premiere reminded, in fact, a little bit of Kai Häfner, was the sensational Triumph three years ago in Poland as a downstream bonded players to the EM-heroes. Quickly, the concept of a world Cup fairy tale made the rounds, but wanted to let Suton.

    the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

    “As a fairy tale, I would not refer to it, the circumstances were such that I was over the moon,” said the 22-Year-old, who was only came in on Tuesday due to the serious injury of Martin Strobel of the Team: “Nevertheless, I have been looking forward to this game. It now has worked quite well for the a great feeling it was to stand in the hall here and to throw a few goals.“ From a hospital in Baden-Württemberg, Strobel holds over short messages and video calls in contact with his team-mates. The also appreciate Suton. Strobel have written him debut as a child before his world Cup-a SMS, told Suton. “This is a great gesture.” And it paid off.

    Suton is a further proof of the incredible balance of the squad by Coach Prokop. The game was distributed units to the main round-final against Spain (31:30) on even more shoulders than already is, did the performance no harm. On The Contrary. Fabian Böhm confirmed the good impressions from the last weeks and met with all five of its Attempts. And also the left outer Matthias Musche (3 goals litters at 4) and circle runner Jannik Kohlbacher (4 of 4) impressed. In addition, goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter showed with a number of parades that he as a replacement from stem to Keeper Andreas Wolff is reliable. “If we want to win the semi-finals, we all need to the Optimum,” said Prokop.

    The white also Suton. The necessary self-confidence for the hot world Cup-final stage of the strong backcourt players with Croatian roots, anyway. If it is at the TBV Lemgo dicey, he grabs the Ball. This has always been so. Suton was a player, “makes no mind,” said DHB Vice President Bob Hanning. “Therefore, we can use something good for the next games.” Five years ago, at the time he was 17, was Suton in addition, with the research statement in “volleyball magazine” headlines, he wanted to be “the youngest world handball player of all times”.