(Toronto) Three sponsors who withdrew their support from Hockey Canada following a scandal that rocked the organization that oversees hockey in the country last year, indicated that they had renewed their commercial agreement.

The Tim Hortons restaurant chain, as well as the telecommunications giant Telus Corp. and the oil company Esso have reestablished their partnerships with Hockey Canada. These were interrupted in 2022 after the organization was accused of ignoring complaints of sexual assault.

The return of these sponsors is a key step for the organization, as it strives to review its ways of doing things and restore its image, so that Canadians have confidence in it again.

The support from Tim Hortons, Telus and Esso comes ahead of the World Junior Hockey Championship, which will take place in Gothenburg, Sweden, starting December 26.

Tim Hortons spokesperson Michael Oliveira noted that the restaurant chain has already been clear in stating that it will only restore its funding for the men’s national teams once they have regained the trust of Canadians.

He added that Tim Hortons has reinstated its support because it appears Hockey Canada has made concrete progress toward achieving this, including making numerous changes to its leadership.

The Tim Hortons logo was clearly visible on the railings this week at the Junior Team Canada selection camp in Oakville, Ontario. As for Telus and Esso, their logos adorned the backdrop behind the players being interviewed at camp.

For her part, Telus spokesperson Saara Rahikka said the telecommunications giant had renewed its commercial ties with Hockey Canada because it wanted to encourage changes to make the sport safer and more inclusive for all, on the rink and outside of it.

Imperial withdrew its financial support from Hockey Canada at the World Junior Hockey Championship last June, but maintained its sponsorship agreement for the youth and women’s programs through its Esso brand.

The Hockey Canada website indicates that Imperial has sponsored the organization since 1981, and that Telus joined the program in 2004.

Imperial spokesperson Keri Scobie said the company had agreed to adorn the ramps with its logo during the World Juniors.