the idea you have to come only once: in Berlin, a legal practitioner to engage, to find out, whose two half-decomposed corpses in a disused factory in the far Transnistria from a lime-filled Container. For your death of the head of the secret service of the country, Burkjanov could be responsible. With the right doctor, Dr. Fred Abel had to do also happened to be in Berlin. There, on the banks of the river Spree, has Burkjanov just a Couple of slain, had attacked him previously, allegedly. Now he demands to see a doctor.

Michael Hanfeld

responsible editor for the features section Online and “media”.

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Meanwhile, the device, the young waitress, Jana Forster (Svenja Jung), of the Dr. to let Abel just a Cappuccino serving, put in the hands of Dr. Harald Lenski, a psychopath, who tortures in his underground clinic for women, where he, among other things, one of the Eastern secret services, like “truth drug”.

Abel is to Ask an obscure businessman who believes that his two nephews are Murdered, and at the behest of his girlfriend Lisa Suttner, who works for the office of the attorney General, in the plane. Jana Forster wakes up in the basement of her agoniser on your phone is saved Abel’s number with you, in order to have peace before the Demands of the family, a photo made to show it than to your alleged friend.

So incoherent, so random

So far, So confused, so arbitrarily linked to each other, the Thriller “Decomposed – A case for Dr. Abel”, whose beginning we are in the time jump, Dr. Abel (Tim Bergmann) and his girlfriend Lisa Suttner (Annika Kuhl), a Prosecutor (Dietmar Baer) sitting opposite who wants to know why Abel about all of the possible rules set, and the death of a person caused. Why and explain why the writers Christian Demke and Hans jörg Thurn according to a template of the Berlin-based legal practitioner, Michael Tsokos, has actually experienced a case, which is the equal of the here of the highest improbability level described above.

Tsokos was tried in 2011 as a reviewer and should determine the identity of the two dead, whose bodies had been found in two with lime-filled metal tons in Kazakhstan. As a Client of the murders Rachat Aliyev has been suggested, the former Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs, Deputy head of the secret service, and former son-in-law of the potentates Nursultan Nazarbayev. Aliyev’s speciality was to kidnap the Bank Manager and Industrial and tortures, until they are overwritten by him your entire property. He moved to Austria, as to him there, finally, in 2015, a process was imminent, he was found hanged in his cell found. The justice assessed his death as a suicide. But there are doubts.