The police have found three of the minors be able to pick it up after a mad chase, in the Walloon of Fleurus. The boy is 15, and girls aged 16 and 17 years of age, had just been a robbery committed, and retreated quickly to the car, when the police saw them. The boy gave it to the driver on the road-even by one of the girls, as they are a 143-mile-per-hour for some reason.

A squad car was doing last Friday morning, the special statement of fact. The Nissan Note for a property in the Fleurus was parked, because of a child. As a young boy, 15 years old, it would turn out. Just then, the police came by, they came to two girls, aged 16 or 17 years of age, out of the house with bags full of clothes. They jumped quickly into the car, when the guy down and gave.

In the ensuing car chase, with several police cars, of Charleroi, took part, the 15-year-old driver managed to get it to send to a girl of 16 years of age. At that time, and they have a total of 143 miles per hour. They were able to finally klemgereden the car, which, according to them, a family member, but the theft of a license plate number was.

children’s clothes

The three minors, were as well known to the court, and which belong to a Serbian family, which is illegal in our country. In the car, met the officers of the loot from a robbery in the dwelling-house, Fleurus, where they will have a window, and a door opened up to the kids, and a lot of other things to be able to steal it. The treasure was returned to its owner, and the car was impounded. What’s going on with the children, it will happen, it is still not clear.