Three months before the Brexit from the point of view of the British trade Minister Liam Fox still not sure that the UK leaves the EU, really. The Parliament should exit the EU agreement decline, then the chances are 50 to 50 that the Brexit is not taking place, told Fox the “Sunday Times”. EU trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström predicted under the Chaos for the case of an exit without a contract. The duty-free goods would be abruptly interrupted, said the Swede, the German press Agency.

Malmström stated that the EU will also have to talk in the case of an exit without a contract with the United Kingdom on a trade agreement. It will take time, she said the dpa in Brussels. “So the British will be able to perform from the very first day of checks, and so we will make it,” said Malmström. In the port of Dover, one of the main places on the island for the trading of goods with the European mainland, there will be chaotic conditions. For this case, the UK is preparing reinforced. As the BBC reported, the government in recent months, contracts for the equivalent of around 120 million euros with ferry companies to avoid bottlenecks in Dover by using the chartered ferries.

“huddle up and tell us, then, know”

the UK, the EU wants to 29. March, leave. The Prime Minister, Theresa May, with the EU negotiated exit contract, the British Parliament will vote in mid-January. No majority in sight. Conservative critics fear that the Treaty would bind the UK with transitional solutions to closely to the EU. The long-term relations should be settled with a further agreement.

Meanwhile, many more Britons apply for an Irish passport. Their number had increased to 2018 by 22 per cent to almost 100,000, as the Irish announced the foreign Ministry on Monday. Even in 2015, only 46.000. Everyone who was born in Ireland or Northern Ireland or whose parents or grandparents from Ireland come, can apply for an Irish passport – this applies to approximately six million British. Also in Germany, the number of naturalised British last increased in force: 2017 as many as never before requested with 7493 British and a German passport.

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EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, reiterated meanwhile, in the “world on Sunday” his offer to begin with the approval of the Parliament, “a day later, with the preparations for the future of relations”. “To us, our goal was to keep the United Kingdom with all of the products in the EU,” Juncker said. “But that is not our intention.” The EU will respect the outcome of the British referendum in 2016, but clarity over the future of relations. “My appeal is: huddle up and let us know what you want for now,” said Juncker.