The CDU politician Volker Bouffier remains Prime Minister of Hesse. The 67-year-old politician was elected at the constituent session of the new Parliament on Friday in Wiesbaden, Germany with 69 votes. This number corresponds to the Landtag mandates of the coalition of the CDU and the Greens.

Approximately three months after the Hesse state election the newly elected Parliament came together on Friday to its first meeting. The most important item on the agenda was the vote on the office of the Prime Minister.

Hesse, the new President of the Landtag, Boris Rhein (CDU), with five representatives of any of the future debates in Parliament in Wiesbaden. In the election for the Deputy Post in the AfD candidate is not got on Friday in three secret ballots, the required number of votes. The deputies of the other five groups were chosen by a large majority of the members of Parliament. With the initial entry of the AfD, the Parliament had decided to increase the number of Vice-presidents from five to six.

The 47-year-old Rhine, was elected at the inaugural meeting, unanimously, to the Parliament President. The previous science Minister, replacing Norbert kartmann, after around 16 years of the office. The 70-year-old kart man to remain in the Parliament as a CDU member of Parliament loyal to it. The President of the Landtag is the parliamentary custom of the largest group. This form 40-Parliament, the Christian Democrats, the Aryans.