must answer and Because you shot in the new year’s eve 2015 a night in the Frankfurt city centre with a Taser gun at passers-by, and Islamist slogans shouted, the three men before the court. To deny the beginning of the process before the Frankfurt district court, the 25-year-old accused on Monday, however, the allegations of the Prosecutor’s office. They alleged that rather, the police officials, to have you in their arrest, miss.

for The prosecution, they made a car out multiple shots from the Taser gun. Among the concerned passers-by also the father of a family with several small children who were put in fear and terror. The words were: “Isis is everywhere,” heard in reference to the Islamist terrorist militia.

The men’s meadows before the court of any blame. “We are Muslims, shame on us for this war,” said a Relative of one of the defendants, was in the vicinity of the crime scene belonged to the accused. The court heard witnesses until the afternoon nine. The process is continued.