it is Amazing what the 35-year-old Asif Ali has been given. The men of the British Rochdale was on Tuesday, a group of masked burglars on the floor, but was not at all intimidated. On the contrary, with his bare fists and a kitchen knife, he could make the men on his own, by force.

Bewakingsbeelden of the attempted break-in, a day later, Ali shared. He was working in the kitchen and the men in the living room binnenstapten. The Briton would go on to the next. “I wasn’t scared, just angry,” he says in retrospect. “I just started hitting them, I think that I’m someone’s nose got broken.” In total, there was a gang of four men, three of them tried to enter the house to do.

In the meantime, his wife is afraid to wait and see in the area. “They don’t want to live, and she was very shocked,” continued Ali. “She remains in the family.” The police department of the city is still looking for the perpetrators.

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