ZDF-Intendant Thomas Bellut holds a moderate increase in the broadcasting contribution is necessary. “Whether it will, in the future, an Index model, is a decision for the country,” said Bellut in an Interview with the German press Agency with a view on the proposal for a periodic inflation adjustment. “We are open and ready to talk. But it is clear, without a contribution adjustment, the level of quality is not.“

Currently € 17.50 per household per month will be due. The actual contribution is in the opinion of the Director mathematically higher: “Because we are allowed to use currently, the reserve, which was created after the changeover to the broadcast fee, the fee is according to our calculation, real already 18,35 Euro,” said Bellut. “So this is the real basis of value. Anything less would be a clear cut which could be due to large savings in the program provided.“

The licence fee is set until 2020. Several countries are trying to link it to the development of the inflation rate, instead of to advise, as before, every four years about it and decide. The country leaders took at their Meeting in early December, still no decision. In the spring of the transmitter to the Commission to determine the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF), how much money you will need from your point of view for the new financial period from 2021 to 2024.