a Lot of influences are these days, obsessed with the Tha Phae Gate, the Thai Chiang Mai night bazaar. The popular tourist attraction, partly due to the free-flying birds, the ideal place to get a great photo to be scored immediately, on Instagram you can. However, it is also due in part to Noon, a local resident who has a specific thing to hold. Every day, he or she will pay as a result influences to get there, and the birds in the vicinity of the model year. So, the photographer has more of a chance to have a glamorous image.

According to the Noon, it is mainly to Chinese tourists from its services. In a video on Twitter that shows how they work. She is waving with a white flag, and the birds together in the moment with the ground. They are earned shall be converted to a small, fifteen euros a day, enough to supply for the education of her daughter and to pay for it.

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