as They did in the Turin derby with a 0-1 win. In the field of city rival Torino scored This Is the one and only goal of the night. The young Dutchman was in a safe place: so he was 0-0 with a ball in the arm, but the referee gave a penalty. The competition continues to be the leader in the Series.

SEE ALSO. , Romelu Lukaku is once again the focus of the international, after two late goals against Bologna.

Also, and They were early on in the game both of them an opportunity to be able to get because of the hands, but the referee wanted to be there in both cases, anything to do with it. Despite the fact that both teams have a good opportunity, it was with the second half still 0-0. It was the same in the second half. The winning hit came after a 70-minute drive from the motorway, which is close to not be able to miss out following a corner. 0-1 was the final score.

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The serie a champions remains the leader with 29 points, which is 1 more than the First.