Macabre idea – This hospital bed is a coffin, a Colombian advertising Agency has developed because of the Corona pandemic is an unusual hospital bed. It is made of cardboard and is biodegradable.1 Kommentar1Prototyp: The developers demonstrate how a cardboard bed Late eingesargt can be.Video: AP

Also, Colombia is the Corona of a pandemic affected. 18. In may, there were 16’925 Covid-19 infection cases and 592 deaths. The somewhat macabre brainchild of advertising Agency ABC Displays, to develop a carton bed, which also serves as a coffin, has a serious Background.

In neighboring country of Ecuador, there was to little space for all the Corona-buried dead. Many bodies were stored on the street, because the relatives could not afford a coffin. ABC Displays wants to keep Colombia in this scenario. In addition, the coffin is intended to reduce the risk that the nursing staff becomes infected when one of wickedness.

critics say that carton is hygienic and the dead air must be densely Packed, so that further infections can be prevented.

Even if in Colombia cardboard coffins already as a cheap Alternative to exist, there is as yet no orders for the hospital bed-coffin-Hybrid. Whether the idea passes through, is, therefore, questionable.


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