More than 5,000 days, and the 85 employees, by Marlux-Stradus products without becoming the victim of an accident resulting in lost working time. Luck certainly plays a role, but this performance is mainly due to the continuous efforts of the company and its employees each and every day, in order to prevent accidents.

as the Twenty of september has been celebrated as a national holiday in the Marlux-Stradus in Heusden-Zolder, belgium. That day was the day of the count accident-free days at 5,000. A milestone that everyone in the company is very proud of. On the site, which will work for 85 people, of whom about 60 are in the works. They will make sure that here, every year approximately 320,000 products on the belt reel.

“That’s a lot,” says the plant manager, Marc Paredis. “To get this done is to get our plant functions in 3 shifts. To constantly have people in the back. Not only for the machines, and the afwerklijnen, as well as the starting raw material, and the moving of the address in the field there is a risk of an accident. It goes without saying that these activities are in the right state of mind of the people is crucial. In an accident, it is, after all, do happen.”

“The safety of our employees, and the public, and is one of the key aspects of the policy,” says consultant Peter Vandevelde. “So it was that in order to avoid accidents in the last few years, invested heavily in the lock-out-tag-based systems, as a safety procedure where workers are protected from the unexpected release of energy, and the hazards of the machinery is in operation. And if there was, nonetheless, something happens, the incident is thoroughly analyzed, then the preventive action to be taken. Monthly basis there is a “toolbox meetings”, in which veiligheidsitems in the centre of the agenda.

you can Also use our financial holding company TAKING into consider safety as a top priority. Constant attention will be focused on our 16 – ‘life saving rules’, which means life-saving measures. In addition, the best practices of the individual plants, by TAKING an exchange to set the standards of safety are always increasing.”