It was a fiercely contested game between Hansa Rostock and Energie Cottbus, which drew about 20,000 spectators to the Baltic sea, the stadium, and thus the force of attraction of the two East German tradition of club-based. “Just Ostderbys always have a special appeal,” says Robert Marien, Chairman of the management Board of Hansa Rostock after the 0:2 defeat of his third League clubs. And there were last weekend, two in the third League at the same Time as the hallesche FC defeated the FSV Zwickau also with 2:0.

The round with the two Ostderbys comes at a time in to the future structure of the third League will be a struggle. The debate is particularly new rules for the newly promoted from the regional leagues. 30 years after the reunification, but also the question of the relationship between the East and the West resonates with. The discussion could, in fact, in a resolution of the Regionalliga Nordost lead, which includes the territory of the former GDR upper League.

in any case, a survey of a newspaper among the five East German Clubs in the third League in professional football, the existing inequality between the East and West points. Some use the platform that gives you the third League since their introduction ten years ago, in order to reduce the distance to the potent West German clubs.

“After almost 30 years there should be in the approach, no large differences between the East and the West,” says Rainer Milkoreit, until a few days ago, President of the North-East German football Association. The East-West question was not a dominant theme in the Association. Milkoreit refers to the fact that of the 56 Clubs in the three German professional leagues, eleven from the Association of North East came. However, this assessment is put into perspective, if one were developed, the two first division football club Hertha BSC Berlin and RB Leipzig, which do not have the typical East German club tradition, or in the Leipzig case, more recently, investors driven, in contemplation on the backburner. Then there is a lack of presence in the top. In addition, Milkoreit grants to disadvantages in the economic conditions for the professional clubs in the East.