Gold: Katarina Johnson-Thompson (6.981 points). Silver: Nafi Thiam (6.677 points). Bronze: Verena Preiner (6.560 points). Yes, Nafi Thiam and can therefore lose it, and that it had since the Olympic Games in Rio in 2016. “No, that makes me sad, the way the weather has gone to my elbow. That’s the view from my season has been mentally very difficult.”

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The tears well up in Nafi Thiam in the mixed zone. “I’ve really given it to the fullest. However, I have had such a difficult time when I came with the pain of end. “Bon, now it is as it is.” While in the javelin, her strong point was in the vicinity of the normal level of her elbow, in Talence, this year, she was also in the javelin to stop the elleboogproblemen. “That first time, I felt it. But in the second one, I felt the same. I have but a few minutes in the catacombs of the stadium retract to a rest, trying to come out. Et voila, it was just like in Talence, and I was able to have my arm fully stretched out.” They decided to use the javelin to strike. “Of course, this changed nothing for the race. I knew that the jump would be hard to have the gold to deal with. However, I wanted to be, I’m really into at the end of the show, you never know what could happen.”

How do you explain that, in the long jump, not the normal jump? At the Diamond League in Birmingham, won the long jump at the pure verspringspecialistes and it was for the whole season, well in the long jump.

Nafi Thiam: “I have great jumps, but unfortunately, I was too far away from the afzetplank. That jump was the only one I can see from where I was and what I was to do so. It was not a matter that I am not to far it could jump, it was a problem with my run-up just to get in. You will need to have a day without it and you’ll have a really good day. And it wasn’t even a day in a ring.”

After the first day, was nonetheless on track for the world championships, as well as on the past few major championships.

“On the first day, it was not that, in my opinion, was the best day I’ve ever had at a championship. I was almost in the same scenario as at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, germany. Then again, I’m not sad about that silver, but the way things went with my elbow. Again, I need to get my state championship in the pain to end. That’s the view from my season, and that is mental pain. Even if it’s for a medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, in a competition of a very high standard.”

Features Katarina Johnson-Thompson in the new world, are you surprised?

“no, Not really. I’m going to normally go to a championship with the setting: I’m only for myself, not for the rest of us. But now, having seen her two days to earn the gold medal. She has a son of her former life is behind us, it’s only a fraction, is removed from the 7,000-point threshold. This was a world CHAMPIONSHIP of a very high standard. I was good at it, but it wasn’t enough.”

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Photo: REUTERS has More about the world CHAMPIONSHIPS, track and field And all of a sudden, it is the Queen Nafi no longer invincible: as of 2016, it was Thiam will never unchallenged Hurdler It will still have been the bronze medal at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS track and field world CHAMPIONSHIPS, track and field ATHLETICS. Thomas, of the Places, it is still 6 inches to his PR in the discus throw, The red carpet was not rolled out for Nafi Thiam: the main competitor, it offers more resistance than ever before