The sacred monster of French cinema Alain Delon had four children with his many companions, one of whom is now considered illegitimate. The star of La piscine had his first son Anthony with director Nathalie Sand in September 1964. When the boy was only four years old, his parents’ couple was shattered and the two stars put an end to their relationship. Anthony Delon goes to live with his mother while his father is rebuilding his life in the arms of a certain Mireille Darc.

In 1990, the actor and his new companion Rosalie Van Breemen gave birth to Anouchka Delon. Very close today, Alain Delon appointed her executor: “It is my daughter who will be the executor. She knows it, even if she doesn’t really like people talking about it. It will be her and no one else. Not only does she have my trust, my love, but she knows what she wants and what she does. At 28, it’s good”, he confided to Gala last May.

In 1994, the interpreter of Plein Soleil is again the father of a little boy named Alain-Fabien Delon. The latter spent a large part of his childhood far from his father. It was not until 2010 that he renewed ties with the star.

Alain Delon would also be the father of a certain Christian Aaron Boulogne, born in August 1962 in Paris. His mother, German singer and actress Nico reportedly claimed he would be the star’s illegitimate son. A paternity that Alain Delon never wanted to confirm and recognize. Christian was reportedly raised by Alain Delon’s mother and then adopted by the star’s stepfather, Paul Boulogne.

French star Jean-Paul Belmondo had three children with his first girlfriend Elodie Constantin and then a daughter with former ballet dancer Natty Tardivel. Patricia, the actor’s first child, was born in 1954. The latter made a career in cinema like her father, but as a scriptwriter. Six years later, his second daughter, Florence, was born. Little is known about her except that she is married to an American and has three children.

Paul Belmondo, the star’s third child, was born on April 23, 1963 in Boulogne-Billancourt. He began his racing career in 1980 before becoming a sports consultant for the InfoSport, Eurosport and Canal channels.

The youngest, Stella, was born from the union between Bébel and former Ballet dancer Natty Tardivel. The girl is now very close to her father. The latter would also have offered her a mare to reward her for her very good school results.

American star Eddy Murphy had no less than 10 children with his companions. He notably had five children (Briana Liana, Myles Mitchell, Shayne Audra, Zola Ivy and Bella Zahra) with his first wife, a certain Nicole Mitchell.

Subsequently, the former Beverly Hills Cop had a boy, Eric Murphy with Paulette McNeely and another son, Christian Murphy, with Tamara Hood. In 2006, the star briefly dated former Spice Girls singer Melanie Brown, with whom he had a daughter named Angel Iris.

Since 2012, the actor has been in a relationship with Australian model Paige Butcher, 18 years his junior. Together, they have two children: Izzy Oona, born in May 2016 and Max Charles, born in November 2018.

Rock star Mick Jagger is the father of eight children. The Rolling Stones singer became a father for the first time in 1970 to a daughter named Karis Hunt, born of his relationship with actress Marsha Hunt. A year later, his ex-wife Bianca De Macias gives birth to his second daughter, Jade.

Subsequently, his new partner Jerry Hall gave birth to four children: Elizabeth, James, Georgia May and Gabriel. In 1999, the interpreter of Satisfaction has an affair with a Brazilian model named Luciana Gimenez Morad with whom he has a boy named Lucas Maurice.

More recently in 2016, the then 73-year-old star welcomed an eighth child, Deveraux Octavian Basil, with a certain Melanie Hamrick.

Famous American actor Brad Pitt and his ex-wife, Angelina Jolie had six children together. The celebrity couple adopted a boy named Madox Chivan in Cambodia in 2002. A year later, the family grew with the adoption in Vietnam of another boy named Pax Thien.

In 2005, the lovers decided to adopt a daughter Zaha Marly in Ethiopia. It was only a year later that the two stars gave birth to their first biological child, a little girl named Shiloh Nouvel. Finally, Angelina Jolie becomes pregnant a second time with twins. On July 12, 2008, she gave birth to Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline at the Santa Maria polyclinic in Nice.

The best known of Hollywood directors Steven Spielberg is the father of seven children. He and his first wife Amy welcomed their first child, a boy named Max in 1985.

After his divorce, he finds love in the arms of actress Kate Capshaw, known for having played in his film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The two lovebirds later gave birth to three children, Sasha, Sawyer and Destry, before adopting three other children, Theo, Mickaela and Janet.

After marrying Kate Capshaw, he became stepfather to Jessica Capshaw, born of a previous relationship between his wife and ex-husband Robert Capshaw.

During an interview with Jimmy Fallon this September 14, British actor Jude Law revealed that he had become a father for the sixth time: “Oh, and besides I had a baby. So here it is. is truly wonderful,” he said.

The 47-year-old star is already the father of five other children from his previous relationships. He is notably the father of three children: Rafferty, born in 1996, Iris, born in 2000 and Rudy, born in 2002. Children he had with his previous wife, actress Sadie Frost. In 2009, he became the father for the fourth time of a girl named Sophia. A birth that had made the front page of the media since at the time he had refused to recognize the child before accepting thereafter. A daughter born from his relationship with model Samantha Burke.

In 2015, he became a father for the fifth time with the birth of Ada, which he had with English actress Catherine Harding. Now married to a psychologist named Phillipa Coan, the couple lives peaceful days with their infant of a few months. The comedian became the father of a sixth child in 2020.