Since March 2020, actor Jean Reno has become deputy mayor of Baux de Provence, a town located in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

A surprising new career but which nevertheless makes sense, as explained by the actor of the Visitors to our colleagues from France Bleu. “Yes les Baux, it’s great, it’s a place that made me better, I listened, I understood, I watched, and a lot of people here helped me to live” , he explained before adding that he would also like to be buried in this village dear to his heart: “I will tell you a secret, one day I was in St Barth with Johnny Hallyday, and we went next to the cemetery and he said to me (imitating Johnny): ‘”You see Jean, this is where I want to be buried”, at the time I did not understand, he was about sixty years old , and well today after having traveled a lot, I tell myself that I would like to be buried in Les Baux”.

In April 2018, in an interview with Le dauphiné, Françoise Hardy returned to her complex and ambiguous relationship with death. In remission from cancer of the lymphatic system, the star admitted to regularly thinking about death: “Death, I think about it all the time. Like all people my age. Because we have weird things happening. We wonder: is this the beginning of the end? Is the lymphoma coming back, as far as I’m concerned? The week Johnny died, I had several excruciating vagal discomforts due to cortisone. It was terrible, I was in distress, it happened with incredible violence to me… At the same time, I said to myself: for the timing, it’s not terrible to die at the same time as the funeral of Johnny!”, she explained to our colleagues.

In 2017, in an interview with the magazine Femme Actuelle, the host of the paf Patrick Sébastien spoke without taboo about his future death. The 64-year-old artist made a surprising announcement: “I want garlands on my coffin and a bump at the height of my sex, to piss off”, before adding: “but above all I want people to write on my grave what Brel wanted to see on his: “if you love me, shut your mouths”. More recently in 2020, the host revealed to Télé Star that he wanted an orchestra at his funeral: “It will be a joyful ceremony with an orchestra, just to piss off my detractors”, he said.

While Patrick Sébastien has already overcome many alcoholism problems in the past, the star is sure of one thing: he should not live beyond ten years. This is what he confided in September 2017 to the Belgian media, The Last Hour: “I smoke two packs a day, I drink ten coffees and I stand up. So, at some point, I will necessarily pay the bill. No excess, but I don’t see myself living another ten years”.

The most famous real estate agent Stéphane Plaza gave a very surprising interview to the Parisian. The star admitted… knowing the date of his death. 45 years old during the interview, the host of House for sale, Search apartment or house should disappear within a few years. In any case, this is what a clairvoyant predicted to him: “She told me that I was going to die at 49”, he explains to Parisian. If the famous host of M6 does not seem worried, c t is also for good reasons: “She was perhaps talking about when I would stop watching TV, about the end of my first life…”, he admits. That the fans of the host are reassured, Stéphane Plaza should continue to live intensely every moment.

Sheila, icon of French song, was the guest of the show On Refait la télé on RTL, September 19, 2022. The 77-year-old star confided in the death, saying that it was only of a “passage” for her. “For me, death is the passage of a door that always remains open behind us and I live surrounded by my son, my parents (…) if I am no longer there, from time to time think me!” she explained.

At a time when the question of the law on the end of medicalized life is re-debating in the media landscape, the star was asked about the subject. “I think we have the right, if we are in pain, to choose. But it is not for others to do so,” she said. An opinion which undoubtedly joins that of Line Renaud who has been fighting for several years for the right to die with dignity.