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“Isabel I of Castile was a precursor of the human rights, so when they appeared in Castile, carib indians as prisoners, she decreed that they should leave immediately, and decreed in his will that the native americans were castilian, and, therefore, free”, defended in June Diego Hernández , president of Association of Neighbors “Fray Hernando” of Talavera de la Reina , at the start of a protest movement that has led to this small town near Madrid to request the governor of California the transfer of the statue of the Queen Elizabeth the Catholic and Cristobal Colón that will be removed from your capitol.

“we are Not ashamed of our history”, wrote of this Association, which bears the name of a confessor of Queen Isabel, who adds: “We are aware that mistakes were made, but also we know how unfair it is to judge the past from the point of view of the current society “. According to “The Guardian”, who has written a story about these towns that they look with pride to its past, the group also said: “We will take care of all shipping costs”.

And is that last month, lawmakers in California announced that the statue of Queen Isabel and Christopher Columbus would be removed from the state capitol in Sacramento, pointing at her as “completely out of place today” in the rotunda of the capitol where it is located since 1883.

“Christopher Columbus is a historical figure deeply polarizing, given the impact of deadly arrival in this hemisphere has had on the indigenous populations”, said in a statement. And from that moment on, is when it originated that claim movement of our Spanish heritage.

Other people, Boadilla del Monte , in Madrid, has been communicated by letter with the San Francisco mayor, London Breed, to try to recover the statues vandalized or torn down Cervantes and fray Junipero Serra and San Francisco “could not protect them with the honor and respect they deserve”.

“I can’t write it to show my deep disappointment about the events that occurred, but also to offer the availability of my municipality to accommodate such symbols if your city can’t be protected with proper honor and respect that they deserve,” said Javier Úbeda , mayor of Boadilla, in a letter sent yesterday to his counterpart of San Francisco, after feeling disheartened to see that a statue of the Spanish priest Serra had been overthrown, while that of Cervantes had been desecrated with graffiti.

let us Recall that in June, the own Reed had already taken the decision to remove the statue of Columbus in the city after the announcement of a protest that was intended to throw into the sea.

finally, remember that last week the minister of Foreign Affairs, Arancha González Laya, said that Spain had raised “in a discreet way your concern,” by the destruction of statues of characters such as Christopher Columbus and Isabella the Catholic in the united States, a phenomenon that should, in his opinion, the lack of knowledge of the shared history of Spain and the north american country.