Extravagance, freedom and euphoria… The 70s are a decade apart. Carried by hippie, peaceful or women’s emancipation movements, this period resulted in the emergence of new ways of thinking, new styles but also new music, which are still sources of inspiration today. for many.

With the advent of icons such as Jane Birkin, Janis Joplin and Farrah Fawcett, 1970s fashion wanted to get away from clichés and bet on originality. The style is shameless, the complexes are dying and the bright colors are omnipresent. Electric blue, candy pink or fluorescent yellow, nothing is too daring for children of the seventies.

From the events of May 1968, the hippie wave spread like wildfire in France. The effervescence of this movement imposes its laws on fashion. This is how shirts, dresses and skirts with floral motifs became popular, with the message “Flower Power” associated with them.

Indeed, the hippie movement is above all pacifist and has slogans that are still famous today such as “peace and love”, often associated with a well-known symbol.

In terms of music, it was disco that was in the spotlight, notably embodied by the group ABBA. Straight from England, punk was also popular and left its mark on this generation.

All these elements shaped the seventies which, even today, influence youth. On the fashion side, for example, many elements that seemed to have disappeared have recently reappeared, straight out of the past. Discover in our slideshow these 11 trends from the 1970s that are all the rage in 2022.