Legendary Zurich Discos – where the rock stars are not walked in nThe Clubs, the dance floors empty, the DJs at home. Time to rummage in the history box of the night life. Part 3: the High Life, the Crazy Girl and the Blow Up.Thomas Wyss2 Kommentare2Schwer popular: The popular Blow Up the schoeffel alley in the Niederdorf at the end of the 1960s.Photo: Sam’s Collection,

the “Club” plate 27 he could still remember very well, a reader wrote. “He was always called, or we called him as – “Coci-Club”. You had to take along a drink for the part itself. Somewhere, a membership card around with me. It was a great, quite light-hearted and aspiring time. And above all: no fancy pants.”

This is the beauty of this series is that, from each Generation witnesses, and danced in these Clubs and Discos, and drank, discussed and flirting – and are therefore often much better in the picture than the Rapporteur (of the goes, in particular where it comes to the night clubs of the 1960s and 1970s, as a quasi-To-late-Born-on hear say and the readings must be supported). So you can input your own reminders, if necessary, but also as a corrective act. Both is very welcome.

Voilà, and in order to last-made promise to return in part 3 with the “club country”, as they presented themselves towards the end of the Sixties. Certain indications of an archive of paper, the noise control office of the city police supplies – because it lists those establishments in which the civil servants because of the noise that had to be dealt with. You will find there names like Road-Shark-Club, Club of the peacocks, Club 13, Tiffany’s Club, Grand-Boeuf-Club, Easy-Life Club, the Pushkin Club, Old Town Club, Manhattan Club, Jacaré-65-Club or High-Life Club. Unfortunately, both the addresses, as well as a kind of characterization missing from the list, but; it is not but to assume that it was, in all cases, to Nightclubs according to the current understanding of the term.

Brian Jones, the “young blonde”

in the dark we grope, nevertheless, and thanks to this, the rock, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and Jimi Hendrix sizes! The two Stones of the musicians felt after her concert in the indoor stadium on the 14. April 1967, still like to Party. So she led the street of the well-known People-Reporter Jack Stark private club High Life of Lessing, as he reported to us a few years ago. There, the not quite dewy Securitas name Stöckli controlled the inlet. The Stones, he knew, but he knew how decency looks, which is why he is honored for his taste, much too eccentric young man (i.e. Jagger) the admission Manager, the attractive “blonde” with feather Boa and floppy hat (so is Jones), but happen to left.

On December 31. In may 1968, following the second Show of the “monster concert”, Hallenstadion, was also the main attraction of Jimi Hendrix, the inlet denied – for the bouncer of the Disco Crazy Girl at zwinglistrasse in district 4, where some of Hendrix’ band members went deep into the night Party (you had entered a prolonged police an hour to 2.30 PM), was his skin too dark, wrote Eugen Sorg 25 years later in a “magazine”article.

Hendrix did, but then I called a Taxi and the driver said he wanted to eat something, you can learn in Sorgs story. “The driver brought him to Zürich-Altstetten, there is a vending machine that spat out breaded pork schnitzel stand. Decent people slept at night, being hungry after midnight was not provided. In the company of prostitutes, pimps and taxi drivers, the polite Star chewed on his cold menu was then back to the Hotel, where he thanked the driver with a 100-Dollar Note”, the author

The crocodile is back!

other headlines – guet namely “Schampar” – made the Topdiskothek Blow Up at schoeffel alley: This was the vernacular-the title of a newspaper article about the exciting first appearance of the newly formed Zurich rock band crocodile on the 19. April 1969. In the report, that you are Jürg Marquard, the chief editor of the music magazine “Pop,” the Reporter dictated: “technically perfect.” Even the then-35-year-old “sophisticated jazz specialist” hung was cracks. Or this: “From the Underground-the Apostle Urban Gwerder about young filmmaker Georg Radanowicz up to Claude Marion Xylander, the mini skirt and the Maxi, the look-Queen of the Limmat river, Athens, was in the middle of last week, the whole of Zurich’s Pop prominence to the low village – more precisely: to the “Blow-Up” at the schoeffel alley – a pilgrimage to the loud Première of the “crocodiles” essentially. She was not disappointed!”

The iconic Zurich rock band crocodile in 1969, when her first-ever appearance in the Blow-Up.Photo: archive Düde Dürst

At this point, an Intermezzo: Even if the retrospective is not directly involved in this Club, we want to the music-interested readership, nevertheless, not be denied: As we Dürst from a reliable source (i.e., from the co-founder and drummer Düde, in the said newspaper article naughty as “the lead is the most crocodile”) and as you know characterized, will publish the incomparable Zurich-based psychedelic-rock band in the late summer of 2020, a “new” Vinyl double album.

the plate is one of the for the first time as a Vinyl split album “an Invisible World Revealed put”, 1971, plate two consists of new or fundamentally revised Arrangements of the past. Suitable to make a Comeback, the new plant “an Invisible World Returns means”. In addition to Dürst Formation are of the great-yet guitarist Walty “the largest crocodile” Anselmo and Bassist Terry “the most patient crocodile” Stevens with.

Hardy Hepp, a violinist and saxophonist, “the oldest crocodile” and also the co-founder, has had in this series, as DJ in the Café Pony already a prominent appearance, was eliminated with the appearance of “an Invisible World Revealed” is already out of the Band, harmonica Virtuoso Mojo Weideli, “the youngest of the crocodile”, passed away in 2006. New on Board Adrian Weyermann (guitar, Piano, vocals) and Erich Strebel (Mellotron, Piano, organ) are in favour. Intermezzo At The End.

The Original poster of the most crocodile-Gigs, pretty, especially the self-promo of the club as a “Top nightclub” … and the not-so-unknown beverage sponsor. Image: archive, Düde Dürst

So back to the Blow-Up, where this evening there is also a small, large man in the audience to stand who had had at least indirectly to do with the above-mentioned incidents to Mick Jagger and Jimi Hendrix to. About him and his Night-Club, then in the next part 4.

PS: a Few hours after this article was published in the print edition of the Züritipp, the phone rang. In it, a gentleman was a tailor, and he had to make an adjustment to The plate 27 and the Coci-the Club will not be so definitely and have been the same Locally, he said, a witness, emphatically: “of The Load to the plate Strasse 27 was casual, the people, the da wrong, it was relaxed and casual, more and more Students.” The Coci-Club had been to the top, there are more “runs the fine pee”. We would also like to thank, on behalf of the readership for this comment.

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