Conflict with China – It is a new Cold war between the United States and China Anda Regime in Beijing initiated the confrontation with Washington is not afraid of less and less. The trigger for the recent tensions, the Corona-pandemic is. But the problems go much deeper.Hubert Wetzel from Washington0 KommentareVon a “great” relationship between the US and China today can be no more talk: U.S. President Donald Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping during a Meeting in Beijing in 2017.Photo: Qilai Shen/

three years Ago, it was all very amicable. At the beginning of April of 2017, received the US President Donald Trump and his Chinese colleague Xi Jinping in his Golf resort, Mar-a-Lago. There are tough talks were expected over trade disputes and North Korea’s nuclear program. However, after the first Meeting, Trump gushed that he had built up a “great” relationship to Xi. Xi did not argue.

a “great” relationship between the US and China today can no longer be. On the contrary, In Washington and Beijing is now talk of a new Cold war. The trigger for the recent tensions, the Corona-pandemic is. The Virus that has killed nearly 100’000 Americans, comes from the Chinese city of Wuhan. But instead of warning the world as early as possible before the new, dangerous and highly contagious pathogens, the efforts of the Regime in Beijing around the turn of the Year 2019/2020, according to staff, to cover up the outbreak and the risk of small-talk. Later, the Chinese government strewing engine representative of the rumor, the Virus had been brought into the truth by the US military to Wuhan, the gluten-Washington to the white.

Too many lies

The Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi held on Sunday, criticism of the United States. “In addition to the devastation caused by the new Coronavirus, there is also a political Virus that is spreading in the United States,” said the chief diplomat. This will be used at every opportunity, to China, to attack and slander. Too many lies would be fabricated American politicians in the crisis on China, and to many conspiracy theories generated. Both countries could benefit from cooperation to confrontation but only lose. The country would defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity. The US should give up thinking in addition, your “desire” to China to change.

Trump has reacted in a long time, similar to abwiegelnd such as Beijing, in terms of the threat posed by the Virus. But it’s an election fight in America, and to admit mistakes or to take responsibility, is not a trump thing. Quite hard rights as Trumps former strategist Stephen Bannon’s call of the pathogen, even the “Communist party of China-Virus”. And in Congress, there are now Republicans calling for to punish Beijing because of the pandemic through sanctions or expropriation.

sorry there is Trouble in China, therefore, has mainly economic reasons. The suppression of the Uighurs and the situation in Hong Kong, are to him of secondary importance.

But the problems between the US and China go much deeper than the dispute over the Virus. Trump makes China especially for the decline of the American industry. For years he railed against the relocation of factories and jobs from the U.S. to China. It is not an incorrect statement for the desolate situation in America’s old industrial regions, but incomplete: Increasing productivity and automation have destroyed at least as many Jobs in the USA how the rise of China the “factory of the world”.

With sharp attacks against the United States, their “lies and conspiracy theories,” warns China’s foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday in Beijing, in front of a “new Cold war”.Photo: Andrea Verdelli ()

Trumps of Trouble to China mainly for economic reasons, therefore, has. The suppression of the Uighurs and the situation in Hong Kong, are to him of secondary importance. Trump wants to bring back US factories from China, the theft of intellectual property stop and Beijing, forcing it to import more American goods, so that the enormous trade deficit between the United States and China is falling. This incensed the President, and one of trump’s main goals was, and is, therefore, to agree a comprehensive trade agreement with China, to make the USA better. A first Agreement have been taken by the two countries.

Trumps sound is sharper follow

A second, further-reaching agreement should be before the US election in November. Trump was hoping that the “big would help-like” relationship, Xi Jinping in the process. The President has shied away so far, to criticize Xi personally. Congratulated on the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the Chinese rulers even to supposedly investigate the fight against the Virus. Meanwhile, trump’s tone is sharper: “1000 trade agreement” could not compensate US for what “is the disease from China”, and he tweeted recently.

in addition to the Trump there are in Washington a number of politicians, from the point of view of the Chinese-American conflict over Economic long goes way beyond. Among them are Vice President Mike Pence and the foreign Minister, Mike Pompeo. So as you can see it, it is at the core of a power struggle between the state, the the 20. Century has dominated, and that, of the 21. Century wants to dominate. You don’t believe – probably wrongly – that China makes the United States the role of the world’s leading dispute intends to make, and, among other things, the Corona-pandemic uses its global influence to expand.

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