the self-driving car is in the distance. But even today, the armament of the vehicles with more and more complex Computer networks, provides for a dispute between the auto industry and the insurance industry. It comes to the question of who should get access to the vast quantities of data, the Autonomous driving collect cars while driving.

Henning Peitsmeier

economic correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

For some time now, the insurance companies warn of a data monopoly of the car manufacturers. To the traffic law in Goslar, which brings today, Wednesday, numerous representatives of both sectors together, the Alliance is now a neutral “data Trustee”. Thus, the automated Driving will be accepted by society, “must always be aufklärbar, who bears the ultimate responsibility,” said Joachim Müller, Chairman of the management Board of Allianz Versicherungs-AG.

the bundling of data with a neutral Trustee should, therefore, the interests of manufacturers and customers true. At the same time, the insurance industry should get the possibility to a smooth claim settlement.

“in my view, the data must be in the hands of a neutral, independent third party, to enable all Eligible under the same legal conditions of access to these data,” said Müller. “Because in the case of a vehicle sale or destruction of the vehicle due to an accident, a reconnaissance in the interests of all Stakeholders is only the data Trustee is still possible.”

The data explosion is yet to come

The car industry, it refuses to open so readily to any third party. Vehicles required much higher standards of safety than mobile phones or Tablets. The protection of the customer and its data in the vehicle is of particular importance.

“On the one hand, enabled by the increasing connectivity of vehicles and new applications for the customer or innovative business models, on the other hand, this development makes the vehicle, however are also vulnerable to cyber attacks,” according to the German Association of the automotive industry, which sees the car manufacturer in the role of a system administrator. In order to keep safety risks to customers and the Public as low as possible, there should be no direct access to data by third parties in the course of the journey.