the Families of the members of the terreurbeweging of the Islamic State (ISIS) have been able to get out of a camp for internally displaced people to flee the north of Syria. That sign with the Kurdish authorities. The camp is located in the vicinity of where the fighting is raging between Kurdish and Turkish troops. It’s going to be “almost 800 people, the women and the children,” said a person in charge of the camp, which will be anonymous, wanted to stay. In the camp many of the refugees, with a Belgian link.

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the “an attack on The palestinian refugee camp of Ain Issa, north of Raqqa) means, once again, support for the terrorist organisation Islamic State”, according to the Kurdish sources.

According to Kurdish sources have managed to nearly 800 family members of supporters of the terrorist organisation, ISIS, is to escape from it. It’s going to be in the ISIS-linked women and their children. To foreigners, this sound is the same, but the exact countries are not announced. According to the director, Rami Abdulrahman, who have sources inside the camp and linked, there is currently a “party” in Ain Issa.

now, The Kurdish authorities had already been for a couple of days, been busy with the evacuation of the camp. Among the 13,000 refugees who were, are, also, several of the refugees with a Belgian link. According to figures published by Child Focus, there are around forty of Belgian children, in the three-gevangenenkampen of All the Sex, All of Roj, and Ain Issa.

the UNIVERSITY’s professor Gerrit Loots went this past summer for the camps in Syria. His goal was to get the children back to Belgium to recover. “Only here, they are cared for. All of the children have been weakened. Also, there are orphan children in the camps. I would love to have them all go to Belgium”, as he said earlier on in this paper.

“Quick service”

The Kurdish authorities in the questions of the UN, as well as in the international coalition against terrorism led by the united states in the fight against it, in order to have a “rapid intervention”. That is to prevent “a catastrophe occurs, the consequences of which are not limited to Syria.”

in Turkey, launched the latest attack in the region in the northern part of the civil war-torn Syria, which is under the control of the Kurds. The Kurds warned them, repeatedly, for practices of ISIS. The chaos would be to be able to ensure that ISIS is thousands of jihadi’s and their families would be able to break free from the prisons or the camps for displaced persons.

In the prisons of the Kurds, there are, according to official figures, about 12,000 fighters from ISIS: Syrians, Iraqis, but also of some 2,500 to 3,000 jihadi’s from 54 different countries. In the camps for the internally displaced persons are found to be 12,000 non-nationals, there are 8,000 children and 4,000 women.

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the Syrian Kurds retake border city:

Meanwhile, reported the Syrian Observatory for human Rights that the Syrian Kurds in the border town of Ras al-Ain have taken to the Turkish army. A day earlier, Turkey has been claimed that Ras al-Ain had been captured during his invasion of the north-east of Syria.

The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), a military coalition led by the Kurds, was once again in control of most of Ras al-Ain on a counter-attack against the Turkish forces, and their allies. On the side of the Turks, fell to the for sure about seventeen dead, in the POSITION of four, said the Observatory.

the Fighting in Ras al-Ain. (Photo: AFP) < / P> Strategic importance

in the heart of Ras al-Ain, located on a main logistical and transport routes between the city centre of Tell Abyad in the west, and in Kamishli in the middle east. The centers will be controlled by the POSITION forces.

The POSITION and its allied militia forces, have been linked to the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ Party (PKK), which is a revolution in Turkey leads to. The Turkish invasion may rely on a negative response in the Arab world and the Western world. Not only the danger of terrorist group ISIS is to be reborn, there is also a profound humanitarian crisis to develop.

be Sure to 130,000 residents have fled the violence, says a UN agency. The water supply in the north-eastern city of al-Hassakeh area is shrinking at an alarming rate, says the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs of the united nations.
More about the Invasion of Turkey into Syria, at Least 14 civilians were killed by pro-Turkish rebels to: “a Prominent politician, was executed,” the Turkish invasion in Syria can be up to 400,000 civilians on the run to hunt the CHANCE, examine a military salute the Turkish national team, Paris does not suspend the export to Turkey of weapons that can cause damage in Syria