as a Member of parliament, Theo Francken (N-VA) will not be able to that the resigning minister for Asylum and Migration Maggie De Block (Open Vld), re 14 million euro will be asked for the Fedasil, the reception centre for asylum seekers. Therefore, it would be the counter to this is the year to 411 million euros, will come true. It’s not the first time that Francken is a budgetsstijging most of it, but according to The Block, with the result that the period of time of ongoing cases.

the Soon to be discussing the Room with a bill around for in the provisional twelfths. This regime was introduced in a time when, after the fall of the government in different places, the budget for this year and no green light was on in the Room. It means that every month one-twelfth may be spent of the budget of the previous year. The regime is to prevent the government, in november and december, not to wages, salaries, and benefits, would not be able to pay or no bills would be able to pay.

Francken complaining Friday night that, in the provisional-twelfths arrangements had to once again and more resources will be required for Fedasil: € 14 million, to be exact. In the discussion of the previous noodbegroting was the former secretary of state, was also a thorn in the side. When it came to 40 million euro.

The Francken The Block and re-ontradingscampagnes to boot. What is remarkable is that he is once again calling for quotas for asylum seekers. The Council of State has suspended the quota Francken himself, at the time, it added. Francken know that the quota is a legally controversial, but by the government, which will enter and it will come up with a procedure to make sure you have at least a few months to pass to make it clear, for example, that Palestinian men are not to be subscribed to, so they went to Belgium to avoid, but the reasons he did.

In response, says secretary of state The Block is that this increase is just a part of the provisional twelfths. “I would like to indicate as if this was something new, but it was in the parliament, meanwhile, already has three times been discussed,” according to the liberal minister of finance. “This is all the result of a government-in-current-non-full powers. The federal negotiators, therefore, need to be as fast as possible for their leaders to take up and start a serious negotiation”.

The provisional-twelfths arrangements had to contain also additional funding for the ministry of Defence for the small essential maintenance work’. “Therefore, a solution is in sight for the inhuman conditions of our fire stations, as shown in Arlon”, asked Francken.
More about the Asylum, the German binnenlandminister want border control to intensify, Dan will give verrassingsconcert at the end of the Refugee a Walk in Leuven: “We will be able to take in more refugees to the American government, or drastically cut the number of admitted refugees, the N-VA wants to “draaideurhuwelijken” handle