now, After five years of urging, Theo Francken (N-VA) agreed to a 24-hour in ‘The house’ by Eric Goens. The former secretary of state for Asylum and Migration, the Tuesday night all over himself, “I am at times impulsive,” and on the other the policy makers. “That’s when John Crombez said to me that he’s in the campaign and lost so much weight, I knew that he would lose the elections.”

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The house , journalist Eric Goens’ll have to get used to it Francken: a smart phone, he needs to return and be tweeting it is, therefore, up to 24 hours to be impossible. He will tell you about his family, which led him to say, with both feet on the floor. “My father showed me one thing-promise you: if you’re a cynic, you’ll need to stop. I have in the last few months, a lot of thought about that before,” says the N-VA’s in there.

Just in time for the elections, reminding his brother to him once more. “He said, a ge ye a lot of to be cynical, your tweets, your posts on Facebook, don’t do that. A Stop to it. Do you remember what our father said.”


In the sports room shows the life of a politician does not have to be a good have an effect on the body by Francken, who was still bokste to be the ultra-heavies. “I used to work 15 hours a week to the sport,” he said. “But, ” I am too fat. A good campaign makes a good 5 pounds of extra. When John Crombez (SP.(A) said to me that he was having so much weight had been lost during the campaign, I knew that he would lose the elections.”

The house is a Twittermuur, which deleted a tweet about the transgender community, are on display. The men who are putting on make-up, eyebrows, eyebrow, lingerie, wear, in a sacoche carry a baby,…are Running the world, or is it just me?”, wrote Francken the time. He’s just the printed version of the wall of fire. “I’m not ready to apologize.“

The house of Theo Francken is Tuesday night at 20.40 pm sent on One.

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