Theater in Corona, times – No Sneezing without announcement!How to play theatre, and an orchestra without a Body? For the Phase of relaxation of a pandemic-the rules of the houses have now created a protection concept.Alexandra Kedves0 Comment on the performer to make-up the best for yourself and in the 2-Meter-distance from the other Close in the artists ‘ wardrobe, as here, 2015, at the Zurich theatre spectacle, a thing of the past.Photo: Keystone

“coughing and Sneezing are mutually terminate ahead, so that the makeup artist can temporarily remove it from the “contamination” field (at a distance of at least 2 m)”: one of the various strict rules for Makeup in theatre is, as you now have been in the “protection concept in the context of the progressive loosening of the BAG-measures for the protection of the population against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) for theatre, concert and event establishments in Switzerland” was published.

The Swiss stage Association, the Swiss Association of technical stages and events, professions, as well as of the Swiss Association of professional orchestras have together set up a task force and now a rules bundle for the resumption of holdings, to minimize the risk of infection (read here).

headlights alone hanging?

The brochure – it is part of I – is 54 pages long; and in your reading you realize only how many infection technically critical points that exist in the operation of live art. And how difficult and expensive it is, turn it off. So already the stage set-up alone, the staff in front of a host of problems.

As a reference value for the construction work, for example, 10 m2 per Person. If the distance of 2 m cannot be adhered to, such as when Carrying heavy components or when hanging lighting, is to limit the Contact time to a maximum of 5 minutes. After a distance of 2 m is to be back for at least 10 minutes. This means that more complex work will need to be addressed in operations, possibly multiple times, because you didn’t make it in the 5-minute Sprint, the same. Velvet 10-minute breaks in between, so something can take a long time.

in Addition, the Wearing of hygiene masks in case of prolonged contact duration (about 5 minutes) is compulsory and the Wearing of protective gloves. Employees who belong to the risk group, should be made of this Work.

All Work must be pre-planned in detail, in order to avoid any unnecessary transport. Waiting areas with sufficient space (at least 4 m2 per Person) must be set up. It is required for the formation of “solid” Teams, in order to avoid mixing. Used tools and equipment such as hand pallet trucks must be cleaned after use and before Handing over to other persons with a commercially available detergent, the radio devices are personalized.

Please don’t

touch the sample operation, even a challenge, as was to be expected. It’s the distance rule of 2 m applies also here: the body near the scenes should be avoided, if possible. This should be impossible, are meeting a number of additional protective measures. The close Contact time must be limited to a maximum of 5 minutes of speech, to be held rehearsals with the faces in the direction of the audience. The paper also recommends non-contact temperature measurement of all involved prior to each sample, and the use of a Contact Tracing App.

So close it’s not like Carolin Conrad as Elektra (left) and Kate Strong as a wet-nurse (right) in a sample of Karin Henkel’s “Elektra”-staging (2013).Photo: Keystone

it is Clear in any case: On the houses and the artists to the technical and temporal effort comes, in addition to any Fears, of the washed. And the released employees and members of the ensemble get their full salary?

it is Clear that the costs will be associated with higher costs. To what extent the audience in Corona times such developed performances may also visit and wants – and whether in the theatre, only every second seat may be filled: All of this is still open.

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