Sint-Niklaas –

the young officer lost a Monday night at around 22 hrs the control of the vehicle on the roundabout in Sint-Niklaas. He ended up with his car in the ditch next to the road.

a Few hours after the truck sat night at the slip and was gone, on the site, but ended up at about 22 hours in a car on its roof in the ditch next to the road. The accident happened on the exit ramp in the direction of Sint-Niklaas city center next to Antwerp.

The young officer, lost it in a turn on a wet road surface, the control. The car hit the first one to show a diver, and as a sign to continue the canal to the island, and head to the store.

The young man ran for minor injuries, and were cared for at the hospital. The car was seriously damaged and was taken out of the canal and hoisted.