Jon Hamm, Nicholas Galitzine Reflect on Early Struggles and Hollywood Lessons

Jon Hamm and Nicholas Galitzine recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss their humble beginnings and the challenges they faced in their careers. Both actors opened up about their early struggles with debt and the misconceptions they faced in the industry.

Hamm shared a story about avoiding calls from creditors in the early ’90s, reflecting on a time when he owed his landlord months’ worth of back rent. Galitzine discussed the feedback he’s received during auditions, including a memorable experience where he had to guard an imaginary orange.

The actors also delved into the topic of auditioning, with Hamm expressing his dislike for the process, while Galitzine shared his love for auditioning and the insights it provides into the director’s vision.

As the conversation shifted to more personal experiences, the actors revealed their fears and motivations in their careers. They discussed the importance of saying “no” and the power of pacing oneself in the industry.

The discussion also touched on the challenges of intimate scenes and the importance of trust and communication on set. The actors shared their thoughts on dream roles and the roles they hope to tackle in the future.

In a lighter moment, the actors revealed the most used emojis on their phones, showcasing a mix of humor and personality. From winky faces to facepalms, the emojis reflected the actors’ individual quirks and preferences.

Overall, the conversation provided a candid look at the actors’ journeys in Hollywood, offering insights into their struggles, successes, and aspirations in the industry.