Davos has to make do this year without his “cheerleaders”. As a dance leader of his country, the us President, Donald Trump had called in the past year, while he was at the world economic forum in the Swiss Alps. They all wanted to hear what had to say the most powerful man in the world to the great questions of our time. That ultimately it is a mediocre sale show in his own case was, in fact, the desired result is no crash: The full attention of the guest from Washington, of course.

A year later changed the sign. The conflict in Congress in order to America’s finances overshadowed the internal politics. When some 800,000 state does not get officials in the longest Shutdown in the history of your salary and the public administration is partially paralyzed, not making a trip to Europe of the President. Also his Ministers of Finance, trade, and Outer stroke of the Trump in the short hand the flight over the Atlantic ocean.

It is not the only prominent gaps on the guest list. Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May will have to rise this Monday in the home on to the next round in the Brexit-Ring, and the French President, Emmanuel Macron is also the home of. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Japanese Prime Shinzo Abe to lead the list of political heavyweights, the Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has to fill in the role of the great Unknown with a high scandal potential.

distrust of the Tech-companies

The great Polit-Show is not the time to expect so – so what? Taking advantage of this opportunity, you want to call the Forum and its 3000 participants: Forget Trump! Instead of the entire week on the final appearance, cheer, content and more into the foreground. The Meeting in the Canton of Graubünden is originated more than half a century, finally, with the idea that the elites away from the everyday life over the long-term challenges in the world of thought. The main lines of economic, political, social and technical developments and the possible impact and resulting tasks to discuss, this is the spirit of Davos. Whether it was the Opening up of China and the Transformation of post-Communist countries after the fall of the Iron curtain in the last century or the consequences of the world financial crisis ten years ago, Davos was a wide-ranging dialogue is a good platform.