A poster for the Ski advertising world Cup at Semmering, in Austria a lot of criticism. On the artist-designed Poster is to be seen as the Central motif of a naked woman on skis, cleaving the heads of animals and a moon that is painted between the legs of the woman.

In social media, there were strong reactions to the work of the artist Christian Ludwig Attersee. The Austrian ski Federation (ÖSV) has defended the work of the two ladies races on the 28. and 29. December should apply.

An ASF spokesman said on Sunday that the posters remain, in spite of the criticism, hang on, apart from the internationally respected artist himself, decided against it. In a letter to the Austrian advertising Council, and Johanna Mikl-Leitner, the head of government of the Federal state of lower Austria, as a child, are violated, the Association, if the state of mind of the viewers in any way.

In the Alpine Republic, worry for some time, revelations about sexual Assault in Alpine skiing for attention. Former racer of the interior had made public, in the past, part of coaches molested and even raped.