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Workers of Airbus were mobilized on Tuesday in the p lantas of Seville, Cadiz, Getafe (Madrid), Illescas (Toledo, spain) and Albacete in protest at plans of the aviation fire 1,600 people in Spain in the framework of a program by which you will delete to 17,600 jobs throughout the world until 2021.

These concentrations have formed part of the campaign of protests called by the trade unions to demand withdrawal from the plan of job cuts at Airbus España , and that will continue with the strike announced for July 23.

The secretary generates UGT, Pepe Álvarez, has defended this Tuesday in Seville that the problems “temporary” suffered by Airbus after the fall of the load of work by the crisis of the covid-19 does not justify the thousands of layoffs announced by the european group and has asked the Government to exercise your rights in Airbus, through SEPI, which is the shareholder.

The aviation company has raised a plan of restructuring that will affect 15,000 jobs around the world (11% of the workforce). In Spain, 13,000 jobs in total, the company intends to lay off more than 1,600 employees : 900 operate in the division of commercial aviation and 722, in the area of defence, according to the data of the own company.

In Andalusia, there has been assemblies briefing convened by CCOO, UGT and other minority unions in the factories of the Tablada and San Pablo (Seville) as well as in the cadiz Port Royal, and the Puerto de Santa María, the latter one of the most threatened of Spain , after the closing program of the A380 airliner, for which he worked.

The trade unions have denounced that the job cuts announced could mean the closure of one of its four factories in spain and the dismantling of the auxiliary industry of the community, the second largest in Spain.

The reaction of the unions

Juan Antonio Vázquez, responsible state in the aerospace sector of CCOO and member of the works council of the plant in Tablada, has warned of the importance of saving the aviation sector Spanish because it generates high-quality employment and through their contribution of technology. For this reason, he believes that the Government should develop a business plan that ensure the future of the sector and to recover the technological capabilities and industrial that are in “danger”.

For his part, Juan Manuel Tejeda, also of CCOO, has appealed to the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucía in this crisis, because the community is ” can’t afford to lose an industry like the aviation industry, for almost a century, and the more added value it brings to our community.”

In the concentration of Getafe (Madrid), the chairman of the Committee Intercompanies of Airbus in Spain, Francisco San Jose, has called on the Government to take the lead in a negotiation that leads to an industrial plan to guarantee employment in the company, in a negotiation that must be “led by Moncloa”. The concentrates have claimed the participation of Spain in the upcoming projects for Airbus , “expressed in percentages, loads of work and skills”, as well as the maintenance of the plant and the jobs.

In Castilla-La Mancha, the workers of the plants of Illescas (Toledo, spain) and Albacete have massively supported the rallies to show their rejection by the layoffs announced by the multinational, and to claim a long-term plan.

The spokesman of the committee of company of Airbus Illescas, Óscar Aguado, of CCOO, has regretted that the company consider that the impact of the covid-19 will have structural effects , while the unions believe that it should be taken as something cyclical and has requested that the company submit a plan to 15 or 20 years. The unions have pointed out, moreover, the impact on the ancillary industry, which calculated that it could lose between 15,000 and 20,000 jobs.

The trade unions have asked that in addition to the central Government to take cards, also the executives of regional and municipal. The three affected communities ( Andalusia, Madrid and Castile-La Mancha ) have been aligned with the Ministry of Industry, pending of aid you can receive in Spain of the European Union.