The women in the life of Jean Dujardin


Few people know, but actress Alexandra Lamy was not the first wife of comedian Jean Dujardin. Before her and their highly publicized relationship, the actor first married a certain Gaelle Demars. As Closer reported, the couple reportedly dated between the 1990s and 2000s.

From this first union were born Jules in 2000 and Simon in 2002. His eldest seems today to follow in his footsteps as an actor. At the age of six, he would have obtained his first role in the film The heart of men.

The idyll of Jean Dujardin and Gaëlle Demars, which began in the 90s, will very quickly come to an end when J ean Dujardin meets Alexandra Lamy.

The love story begins during the filming of the cult series A guy, a girl while Jean Dujardin is still married to his girlfriend at the time. In 2003, Jean Dujardin initiated divorce proceedings and therefore decided to marry Alexandra Lamy in 2009.

In a documentary broadcast on C8 entitled Jean Dujardin, from Loulou to the Oscars, Jean Dujardin presents this love at first sight for Alexandra Lamy as being a kind of inevitable mixture between reality and fiction of Un gar, une fille: “As we are passionate and that we want to give a lot of things, we no longer pretend, we really do, and we burn ourselves”.

Alexandra Lamy and Jean Dujardin met in 1999, during the beginning of the filming of the series entitled A guy, a girl. This television series tells the daily life of a couple, Loulou and Chouchou, thanks to wacky and original scenes.

In a documentary broadcast on C8, Jean Dujardin explains that it was this program that made them fuse and that made the couple go from fiction to reality: “In fact, I’m not saying that we are schizophrenic at this time- there, but it turns out that you are filming for four years in a house, with photos of you and a woman who is not your wife, who is not your life, in a house which is not yours… And I guess that’s when, as a young actor that I am, and we are, we play dangerous games.”

At the end of the series, the two actors realize that they have not been acting for a long time and that Loulou and Chouchou are no longer a fictional couple. “When we finished A guy, a girl, we realized that we couldn’t separate. That’s why our love story started there. We spent four years together, every day, with this image of a couple. Yes, it became natural. Then, we built everything together, there was something that was almost logical. We were madly in love with each other, of course.” This is why the young couple decided to get married in 2009 to celebrate their love and chemistry. The two actors will remain married for 5 years before deciding to divorce.

During an interview, Alexandra Lamy explains to Le Figaro the reason for this break: “It was a very complicated period. The actors have egos, they want to be loved. Two people in a relationship who do the same job, it works but when one takes off, it becomes complicated. I felt ‘stuck’ for a long time. It took a long time to get out of it. Today, I know it’s completely over. The labels ‘actress of comedy’ and ‘wife of’ came unstuck. I became Alexandra Lamy again.”

In 2014, a year after breaking up with Alexandra Lamy, Jean Dujardin fell madly in love with Nathalie Péchalat. In the magazine Elle, he remembers this love at first sight for this famous skater: “I don’t know how to flirt, I let myself be done for a long time, I was passive. When I saw Nathalie, my wife, on television – I didn’t see her skating but talking – she charmed me. And at that moment, I chose my life. I took myself in hand, I asked myself what I wanted, where I was and presto, I went for it! Making strong and lasting decisions: it’s the only way for me to be well, because then I have a base.”

Crazy about her, he decides to take the plunge and take the first plane to Japan. “I was coming out of this phase where too much was said about me… I went to join her in Tokyo. It was like I was putting myself on stage in my love life. I said to myself: ‘I will be there this woman, I’m going to see her skate, I’m going to be interested in skating!’ For a rugby fan, it’s a real proof of love,” he explains.

And Jean Dujardin manages to charm the young woman since a year later the two stars give birth to an adorable young girl. But this is not the only commitment that Nathalie Péchalat and Jean Dujardin have made together, indeed the two stars were married in 2018 at the town hall of Saint-Cloud, in the Hauts-de-Seine, only surrounded by their relatives. .

Jeanne Dujardin makes her father completely gaga! This little girl is the youngest of the actor’s children and she is also the one who makes him the “dumbest”. The actor confides in Paris-Match and talks about his love for Jeanne: “I don’t compare with my boys. They are pillars, the concept of a girl is something else. It’s… wonderful! Love we give, I didn’t know it could be exponential, that it would take up so much space, that it would swell day by day, week by week. It’s completely crazy, I’m getting stupid.”

The actor also confided in the education of his daughter in the magazine Psychologies. Even if society bullies women, the actor wants his daughter to become independent and free once she grows up: “I don’t want my era to educate my daughter, I want her to be the one who, equipped with a strong free -referee, can say: ‘Hey, but it’s disgusting what is happening there!’ For the moment, she is only 2 years old, so I am trying, with her mother, to give her a framework, to develop her adaptability, by being there for her. stress of watching my daughter grow up in today’s world. I know she will be able to react, that she will be strong like her mother was very early. And I may be a little naive, but I have great faith in human beings.”