You get used to it, that President Trump is always for curiosities. He donated a Football-team of Fast Food because the Catering Team of the White house barrier because of the budget and of the heavy snowfall pretty thinned out. Or he distributed via Twitter nickname, for example, to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, he named Bozo, a well-known clown character in America.

and the Curious to the Serious. Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President, is a possible candidate for the Job as President of the world Bank, it said on Friday. The previous world Bank President Jim Yong Kim announced on Monday his resignation. To do this, you must know that since the inception of the world Bank and the International monetary Fund, the TRANS-Atlantic agreement that the Americans ask the President of the world Bank and the Europeans the Director of the IMF. President Trump has a kind of right of proposal. Nevertheless, the world Bank President, ultimately, of the 25 Executive Directors of the world Bank will be selected, representing their home countries or groups of countries.

the task of the world Bank is to combat world poverty. It provides money for the development of policy measures and has 189 member States. In 2018, it has paid off, according to 45 billion dollars. The Central is located close to the White house in the American capital city of Washington, DC.


A classic case of nepotism, the Democrats saw the Reports on Ivanka’s candidacy. The democratic members of Congress, Ted Lieu tweeted ironically, Ivanka Trump was the most qualified candidate: “she has lost her fashion label, and happens to be the daughter of the President.”

The White house has since denied. Ivanka Trump was not involved in the search for a new President to the world Bank, but even a candidate. It is qualified excellent. Finally, the daughter of the President in 2017, was involved in the founding of a world Bank Fund, the women should encourage and motivate, to set up new businesses, a Budget of a billion dollars, and Saudi Arabia.