Ready for a ride on the big wheel? A week after the finale of season 5 of Mask Singer, TF1 is changing gears with The Wheel, the circle of 7, broadcast this Friday, June 9, 2023. A new family game produced by Warner Bros. International Television Production France, with Arthur at the helm of entertainment.

A return to basics for the host who has in his hands a program combining quiz, reflection and a lot of suspense. The central element of The Wheel: a giant wheel twelve meters in diameter in motion where a candidate sits who must answer general knowledge questions over several stages. “In each round, 3 candidates fight for a place in the final in the hope of winning several tens of thousands of euros”, the channel tells us in a press release.

Before arriving in France, The Wheel was born in the United Kingdom where the show enjoyed real success on the BBC1 channel. Created by Hungry McBear, the entertainment already has three seasons to its credit across the Channel and has been adapted in several countries such as the United States, Spain, Germany, Finland and Sweden. In France, it is the host Arthur who will be responsible for supporting the candidates throughout the show.

“It’s the first time in my career that I present a format that I don’t produce and believe me, it was worth it! I like to try my hand at different things and by viewing the images of The Wheel, I immediately knew that this project was for me”, he said at a press conference on May 15, according to comments relayed by TF1 Pro. In this game mixing the codes of The wheel of fortune, Zone Rouge, Le Grand Concours or Take it or leave it (which he hosted from 2004 to 2010 on TF1), the famous animator and producer will be accompanied by a panel of stars who will have a major role to play with the anonymous candidates.

During the show, each candidate is supported by a circle of seven experts installed in the wheel. Artists, comedians, comedians, sportsmen… They all have a favorite field (for example: music, cars, fiction, etc.). Their mission: to help the anonymous candidate answer the questions by validating seven themes in order to win as much money as possible, i.e. nearly 100,000 euros.

But, this wheel likes to flirt with chance. “For each question, one of the 7 celebrities will be designated by the wheel to help them. But will chance associate the candidate with the expert celebrity in this theme?”, summarizes the show. Among the personalities, we find well-known faces of the channel such as Christophe Beaugrand, Karima Charni (Star Academy) and Chris Marques (Dancing with the stars).

During the broadcasts, viewers will be able to discover the exploits (or failures) of actors Julie de Bona and Gérard Jugnot, comedians Anne Roumanoff and Elie Semoun, chef Michel Sarran and singer Shy’m. Stars who have lived great moments on the set with Arthur.

The show The Wheel was the scene of great moments of tension for the candidates and the personalities. This was without counting the unusual sequences which also marked the players installed on a wheel which made them lose their heads. “I was a little scared because I have inner ear problems, which can make me feel dizzy,” Christophe Beaugrand told Le Parisien.

For host Arthur, the wheel also gave him a few cold sweats. “With the wheel turning, I was dazzled and I stumbled,” he exclaimed to our colleagues. “But fortunately, more fear than harm. And I continued despite a hole in my pants!”. The emotion will also be there until the final. “At the end, some artists, Julie de Bona, Anne Roumanoff or even Caroline Margeridon, ended up in tears. Of joy, eh”, remembered the host for Puremédias. Laughter and emotion to discover this month of June on TF1, as the first images prove.