The process used to select the winners reflects Apple Music’s editorial perspective as well as what Apple Music customers around the globe are listening to most.

NEW YORK (AP) — Olivia Rodrigo, H.E.R. The Weeknd and Olivia Rodrigo were awarded honors at the revamped Apple Music Awards. The awards now include global music patterns.

Rodrigo was named the breakthrough artist of year. Her album “Sour” was voted best album and her song “Drivers License” was voted song of the Year.

H.E.R. was crowned by the streaming service. H.E.R. was named songwriter of year and The Weeknd was named global artists of the Year, which is a significant step up from last year’s category of artist of year.

H.E.R. said, “I feel very blessed and honored to have this recognition.” H.E.R. released a statement. “As a young Black artist and Filipino woman, I know that representation is essential.”

Apple was thanked by The Weeknd for their support and for honoring my work.

Apple Music Awards is now in its third year. It also introduced a new category to recognize artists from five countries or regions, Africa, France Germany, Japan, Russia, and Japan. These awards are for those who have made the most cultural and chart-topping contributions in their respective countries.

Aya Nakamura won the French region, OFFICIAL HIGE DAANDism for Japan and Germany, respectively, while Scriptonite was for Russia, Wizkid was for Africa.

Oliver Schusser (Apple’s vice president for Apple Music and Beats), said, “We are thrilled to recognize the artists that have shaped culture and connected with fans around the globe on Apple Music.” “This year, we are also honoring more regional artists to show the world the incredible talent of musicians who are making waves around the globe.

According to Apple Music, the selection of winners is based on both Apple Music’s editorial perspective as well as what Apple Music customers are listening to around the globe.

Apple named Lil Baby artist of year last year. Taylor Swift was named songwriter of the Year, Megan Thee Stallion was awarded breakthrough artist of year.