The web site of the Travel Guarantee fund, which is responsible for the repayment and return of the taken (Thomas Cook travellers, it is due to the large number of visitors are difficult to reach.

this Morning, Thomas Cook Belgium is well-known that it is not the customers leave which has a package holiday booked. They referred the customers to the fund, but they are very hard to reach. The phone is almost constantly busy and the web site doesn’t load or is very slow. “We urge you to contact us by phone or by e-mail, to avoid it,” says the fund. “We may not have an immediate answer to ensure for the future a lot.”

unfortunately for the refund, don’t you have to file a claim. “This kind of incident has never taken place in Belgium, and even in the European travel industry”, says the fund is on our web site. “We will make sure each and every file, but you have to understand that handling all of these matters will take time. We give up currently being a priority to people who are at their destination. We will have the files in chronological order according to the date of departure for treatment. .”

the Test-achats, has an emergency telephone number open to customers who are looking for – 0800-50.450. Note: for anyone who is a member of the consumers ‘ association.

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