Yep, it’s still a war between Coleen Rooney and Rebekah vardy granted, WAIT of, on the one hand, Wayne Rooney and Jamie vardy granted. Ms. Rooney is accusing ms. vardy granted them the details of her private life, and to share it with The Sun. Nonsense, according to mrs. vardy granted that, in an interview with The Daily Mail to start a discussion with Coleen are just as meaningful a name, then start a discussion with a pigeon. Roekoekoe, roekoekoe.

YOU CAN READ AS WELL. England as smult from the open quarrel between the WAG’s Coleen Rooney and Rebekah vardy granted: from best friends to aartsrivalen.

in Ms. Rooney asked for some time, and wondered how it was that The Sun is about the salient details of her private life, and could have, while only using Instagram with a couple of the happy team have been shared. The other half of the illicit Wayne is suspicious of her close friend Rebekah vardy granted, Becky to my friends, it is the source, and set up a trap out. They have also posted false information that only ms. vardy granted was intended. And, sure enough, the prompt appeared in the Fake News – in-The-Sun. When mrs. Rooney and her indignation at the world he made.

One of the fake messages. Photo: the sun
Till the great event of the absence of mrs vardy granted that, on a holiday in Dubai, and it turns up very pregnant, all the registers are opentrok. “It’s stress, I can’t do that. I’m in turns up very pregnant. The whole world hates me.”

Both of them have already been in contact. “I said, “Coleen, what did you do?!”, refers to Rebekah vardy granted to their conversation. “To which she replied that I was not with the finger pointed. But you’ll have to let me to public shame. The whole world hates me right now, ” I said.”

if there is a discussion that has been had, and wanted to The Daily Mail. “It would have been like a dove, and goes on to argue. I have to say that I was right and my shoes have it, and that’s true, but the dove is wonderful… even in your hair.”

Coleen Rooney Photo: Photo News

Becky vardy granted to have her opinion. “Because I don’t, then everyone will think that I’m guilty of it myself. The whole story of the case. I didn’t react to it, but it gets out of hand. It has been said that I have to die, that my children will have to die, and that my unborn child has to die. This is not acceptable. I am a hard, but this one makes me cry. I can’t put it into words no matter how hard it comes down.”

Mrs. vardy granted is also an argument to be seen. “There are many people that are on my Instagram-login, and so Coleen’s Instagram to be able to follow. I am a pr and marketing agency, with whom I work. I’m certainly not the only one who does that, and I have been the consequences of standing still. I’m already an expert on the subject of forensic cyber-security ‘ (sic) in the rental of my innocence has to be proved. My legal advisors have on Coleen also be asked to provide proof of the debt, but so far I haven’t heard of it.”